Does Lowes Sell Milwaukee Tools? What You Need to Know


The question of Milwaukee, a well-known manufacturer of power tools, comes up when discussing the brands it sells. Does lowes sell Milwaukee tools? The answer is no. After Milwaukee signed an exclusive retailer agreement with Home Depot and Lowe’s refused to pay Milwaukee’s debt, Milwaukee stopped selling its products at Lowe’s in 2008.

For anything involving home improvement, a retailer is a good choice. Lowe’s is a reliable option for almost everything you need to buy to improve your house, from hand and power tools, appliances, and building supplies to home furnishings, electronics, and storage.

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Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee?

As of [currentyear], Lowe’s neither sells Milwaukee in-person nor online. Although Lowe’s used to sell Milwaukee products in their stores, they haven’t been offered since 2008 as a result of a disagreement with Milwaukee Electric. Both Home Depot and their own website sell Milwaukee products.

Continue reading if you want to learn more about how Lowe’s used to sell Milwaukee products, including why they stopped carrying them, what brands of tools Lowe’s does sell, and where you can buy Milwaukee tools.

Why Doesn’t Lowes Sell Milwaukee?

Following a disagreement over payment, Lowe’s and Milwaukee dissolved their business relationship in 2008.

Lowe’s is allegedly responsible for paying Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation an estimated $1.2 million for tools that they shipped ahead of schedule but were not paid for.

Because Lowe’s refused to pay the fine, it lost its authorization to distribute Milwaukee tools and other related goods.

Following this disagreement, Milwaukee agreed to distribute products for Lowe’s rival Home Depot.

Some online customers claim to have seen Milwaukee accessories sold at Lowe’s, but these may be discontinued items from their collaboration.


What Tool Brands Does Lowe’s Carry Other Than Milwaukee?

Although Lowe’s neither sells Milwaukee tools in-person nor online, they do stock a variety of other brands and goods.

At Lowe’s, popular tool brands like Dewalt, Craftsman, Kobalt, Porter-Cable, Flex, Bosch, Skil, and Metabo HPT are available. For more information, read our posts below:

Additionally, Lowe’s provides a variety of tools, including corded and cordless power tools, at affordable prices.

Where Can You Get These Tools Except Lowe’s?

Other stores continue to carry the item. The main rival, Home Depot, provides these both in-person and online. In some cases, local hardware stores may also sell these items. They can also be purchased online from merchants like Amazon.

Additionally, you can purchase them from a number of online merchants like Acme, Northern, ACE, or TOOLUP. You can search for any nearby stores that sell the items using the store finder on its official online web page. The official website also allows you to place direct product orders.

Here are steps to use the shop locator:

  1. Go to the official website
  2. Find the menu, then select a “Where to buy” option.
  3. Choose whether you want to “Find local” or “Shop online”.
  4. To find the closest store, enter your location in the search field.
  5. You can choose one of the retailers listed on the system to make your purchase from the full list of available online stores.

What Products Do Milwaukee Make?

Milwaukee is a well-known manufacturer of a variety of hardware products, such as corded and cordless power tools, hand tools, screwdrivers, knives, and tool combo kits.

One of the top hardware manufacturers, Milwaukee produces over 500 different types of tools and 3500 accessories.

Techtronic Industries is the owner of Milwaukee, a company that has been producing goods in the US since 1924.

Are Milwaukee Tools Good?

Milwaukee is a well-liked tool brand among users, according to reviews of their products.

Online journalists have claimed that Milwaukee tools have a higher capacity than those of competitors and have cutting-edge batteries in their cordless tool products.

To know more about Lowe’s services, you can also check our related post on who makes Milwaukee tools.

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Does Home Depot Own Milwaukee?

Milwaukee, Rigid, and Ryobi Tools are purchased by The Home Depot directly from T.T.I.Corporation, the original manufacturer of all three. There are internal Milwaukee representatives at many Home Depot locations who can help with customer service.

Is Milwaukee Going Away from M18?

Milwaukee has no plans to leave the M18 line behind. Paul responded that M18 can match the power of most 15-amp corded tools.

Why Doesn’t Lowes Sell Ryobi?

Lowe’s does not sell Ryobi as the tool company has an exclusive contract with Lowe’s competitor Home Depot.

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Why Doesn’t Menards Sell Milwaukee Tools?

Menard must outsource the production of tools to another business because they lack the necessary resources and infrastructure.

Does Walmart Sell Milwaukee Tools?

Yes, it sells.

Final Words: Does Lowes Sell Milwaukee Tools?

Since 2008, Milwaukee products have not been stocked or sold by the hardware retailer Lowe’s.

After their contract expired, Lowe’s and Milwaukee are involved in a legal dispute, so Lowe’s is unable to sell Milwaukee’s goods.

Now, you can order the items online or from other retailers like Home Depot. Along with a variety of products, the provider company also offers an application that aids in managing, configuring, and tracking your products.

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