Who Makes Metabo Tools? DeWalt Vs. Metabo HPT

metabo tools

Who makes Metabo tools? The company that is sole owner of Metabo tools is Koki Holdings America Ltd. Today, let’s dive into Metabo tools to help you decide whether this brand is worthy to buy.

The pros and cons of Metabo, the return on investment, and the manufacturer of Metabo tools are all covered in this article.

It’s obvious that North American culture is not present in the mechanism or automotive processes, don’t you think? However, it actually works well with a new company called Metabo! Keep reading and find out more.

Who Makes Metabo Tools?

The only company in possession of Metabo tools is Koki Holdings America Ltd. Japan’s Tokyo is home to the company’s main office. With a focus on compact technology, Koki Holdings Co. Ltd. manufactures over 1000 different power tool models.

The Metabo HPT brand is connected by a common technological thread. Because of its unique longevity and design, Metabo HPT stands out from the competition. Since its inception, Metabo HPT has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies that have enhanced people’s lives all over the world.

All Metabo HPT divisions share this knowledge globally, and it is applied in ways that help a variety of products. For professionals who demand more, Metabo HPT creates innovative and long-lasting products.

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About the Manufacturer

Koki Co., Ltd. was founded in 1940 with a capital of 30 million yen as a producer of electric power tools as well as coal mining machinery and equipment. The Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities were the first places where Hitachi Koki was listed.

The company mainly makes and sells electric tools. There are two business segments in which the company is active. The Electric Tool section includes electric tools for working with metal and wood, for use in construction and at home, as well as cordless and air tools, equipment for laser ranging, and accessories.

The Life Science section manufactures and markets a variety of products, including ultracentrifuges, cooled centrifuges, small-size centrifuges, and industrial continuous ultracentrifuges. As of March 31, 2014, the Company had 47 subsidiaries.

Koki Holdings America Ltd. is an organization that belongs to the Building Material and Supplies Dealers Industry., which is based in Koki Holdings America Ltd., Braselton, Georgia employs 175 people across all of its sites and generates sales of $96.95 million (This corporate family, which consists of 149 businesses, is valued at USD.

metabo tools

Pros of Metabo Tools

  • Outstanding caliber and dependability. Tradespeople in the industry can attest to how durable and potent Metabo tools are for their routine work. The durability and dependability of the Metabo brand have been demonstrated.
  • Options for various products based on needs. Impact drivers, drills, staplers, saws, and other common household tools are available from Metabo. They are primarily targeted at devoted building professionals, it should be noted.
  • Safety features. Products from Metabo have a wide range of features, including brake technology, dust protection, restart protection, etc., to guarantee your safety while working.
  • Interchangeability. Within their volt class, the batteries are interchangeable. All batteries made by Metabo can be charged using any charger.
  • It has cutting-edge battery technology. In order to create a cordless construction site, Metabo has developed batteries that can produce as much power as a corded power tool while lasting longer between charges. Their LiHD battery pack, for instance, can deliver 1,400 watts and 8.0 amp-hours.
  • Great warranty. Power tool and battery warranties provided are of the highest caliber, and the process of filing claims is simplified. For instance, their XXL warranty promises a three-year warranty as long as you register within the first month of purchase.

Cons of Metabo Tools

  • It can be pricey. The cost may be on the higher end depending on the item you require, though it is still competitive with other high-quality brands.
  • a slightly smaller choice. Depending on your needs, Metabo might offer a little less variety of products than other brands on the market. But since the business was acquired by Hitachi and later split off under Kiko Holding Company, the product line has seen a significant expansion.

Is Metabo Made by Hitachi?

In October 2018, Koki Holdings America, formerly a member of the Hitachi group, changed its name to Metabo HPT. The tools are the same in North America, but they go by a different name.

With items like the cordless impact driver and sliding miter saw, they have been a leader in the power tool sector for nearly 70 years. They produce durable power tools for professionals across Canada and North America.

The Metabo HPT Antique Drill and Grinder, among other firsts in the power tool market, were made possible thanks to research and development, which has been a cornerstone of our company for more than 70 years. In April 2017, Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. partnered with KKR, a significant international investment firm that utilized similar tools under a different brand.

Where Are Metabo Tools Made?

German engineering and innovation are typified by Metabo tools. In their Nürtingen, Germany, facility, they have been creating innovative ideas since 1924, then transforming them into ground-breaking machinery and accessories for professional users all over the world.

They are also a solid partner for various industries because of the exceptional level of service before and after the sale-

  • Proprietary battery pack technology is one of a wide range of products that are offered.
  • Production facilities and procedures that are on par with the best in the world
  • Their staff strongly emphasizes quality throughout the entire production process.

Are Metabo and Bosch the Same?

Both Bosch and Metabo have a wide range of products. Bosch is the company to choose if you want a high-quality tool. They offer wonderful products of the highest caliber. They have also been at the cutting edge of many recent technologies.

The most modern component is the wireless charging system for power tool batteries.

As a result, there are fewer of these parts, which eventually lowers the cost. Both manufacturers offer warranties for their products. However, each is unique. The warranty process with Bosch is much easier. A one-year warranty is included with each tool that they own privately. It is short but can be extended to three years.

However, Metabo is the best option if money is a concern. Even though there isn’t much of a price difference between Bosch and Metabo, Metabo is better. They achieve this by offering tools with replaceable parts.

Is Metabo a Quality Tool?

Metabo tools are regarded as being strong, dependable, and adaptable, making them a good option for the homeowner who does a lot of housework.

Production equipment building includes the manufacture of all facilities, clamping devices, and installations for our assembly and production systems. Repairs, modifications, and upkeep of tools and molds are important aspects of production machinery.

At their Nürtingen facility, our own skilled and knowledgeable team quickly completes all necessary work.

Metabo and Metabo HPT

Now, you might have noticed that the Metabo and Metabo HPT product lines are distinct from one another. Professionals in the industry and metalworking frequently use Metabo tools. Metabo HPT (Hitachi Power Tools), on the other hand, caters to those working in residential and multifamily construction.

Kiko Holdings Company split off from Hitachi, replacing Hitachi power tools with Metabo HPT. Japan is home to the corporate offices of Metabo and Metabo HPT. However, a small number of Metabo HPT products are made in China, while the majority of Metabo tools are still made in Germany.

Metabo Vs Dewalt

Compare DeWalt tool and Metabo HPT below.

Which Offers Better Quality?

DeWalt is renowned for making high-quality tools. DeWalt produces its tools in a number of different nations around the world, it should be noted. These nations include the Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil, China, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

DeWalt has a number of manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, including those in Connecticut, Maryland, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. To give you an idea of scale, DeWalt produced over 62 million different power tool units in the USA in 2014.

We do like to see this because, in general, power tools made in the USA are of higher quality than those made in the Global South. Drills, impact drivers, reciprocating saws, and grinders are just a few of the high-quality tools produced in the USA. The majority of people agree that while DeWalt tools are expensive, they are worthwhile investments and are especially happy with the high caliber of their cordless tools.

The only two locations where Metabo HPT manufactures its tools are in Shanghai and Germany. While some of the products are made in what might be considered to be of lower-quality factories in Shanghai, the majority of Metabo products are made in Germany. However, all of the tools produced in both locations have extremely high production standards.

Best-in-class manufacturer of exceptional power tools for use in the workplace, Metabo HPT is well-known. Yes, they are very expensive, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and for tradespeople, the cost appears to be well worth the investment.

One of Metabo’s best product lines and one that most people would agree is among the best in the world, is their line of angle grinders.

Which Offers a Better Warranty?

Which warranty you receive for a DeWalt product depends on the specific tool you buy. DeWalt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a three- or seven-year warranty on a variety of tools. Even lifetime warranties are offered with some tools.

Both a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-, two-, or five-year warranty are offered with every Metabo product.

However, despite the fact that Metabo warranties are very thorough, DeWalt seems to have the more thorough coverage for some of its tools. It appears that how good the warranties from these respective brands really depend on the exact products.

Which Has a Better Product Portfolio?

DeWalt is generally the bigger business and does indeed produce a lot more tools.

In contrast to DeWalt, which offers well over 100 saws for sale, the Metabo website only has about 40 saws available for purchase. Another example would be drilled. Metabo sells about 35 different models, whereas DeWalt has well over 70.

Almost all tool categories exhibit this trend.

Which Brand Offers a Better Selection of Angle Grinders?

Okay, so Metabo is renowned for making angle grinders of an even higher caliber than DeWalt. But how about product choice?

Ten angle grinders are currently on sale from Metabo, which is not a lot, but keep in mind that these are some of the best in the world. On the other hand, DeWalt offers a selection of just under 40 different angle grinder models.

Which of the Two Brands Should You Choose?

If you want to buy high-quality tools with excellent warranties and a wide selection, you might want to choose DeWalt.

However, Metabo HPT might be a better option if you demand the best of the best and are prepared to pay top dollar for premium tools. But keep in mind that it doesn’t have nearly as many tools to choose from as DeWalt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Metabo Hpt a Good Brand?

Metabo tools are of excellent quality and comparable to the top brands for professional-grade power tools. They are highly regarded for their warranty, are favored by professionals, and offer a wide range of products.

Is Metabo Made by Hitachi?

Metabo HPT released a new statement in October 2018. They took on the role of Koki Holdings America, a former member of the Hitachi group, and became their new brand name.

Are Metabo Tools Made in China?

In its factories in Nürtingen and Shanghai, Metabo produces. The majority, though, are produced here.

Is Metabo Made in America?

The North American affiliate of Koki Holdings Co., Ltd., Koki Holdings America Ltd., which owns the brand Metabo HPT, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Final Words On Metabo Tools 

Despite having two different owners since 2015, Metabo’s tool line and quality have not suffered. You’ll still see this brand being used by professionals for their work, working just as hard as the person operating it.

You can now choose your options more easily because you know who makes Metabo tools!

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