Who Makes Matco Tools? Find It Out!

Matco Tools

Regardless of its position in relation to other premium brands, Matco is the brand name that stands out on its own. However, who makes Matco tools? Previously Matco was owned by “Manaher Corporation”. Therefore, Manaher Corporation is the company that produces the tools. But now Matco is a Subsidiary of “Vontier Corporation”. You have come to the right place if you want to learn more about this brand before making a purchase.

They have more than 10 branches worldwide, which demonstrates their strength as a business. But is buying it worthwhile?

Stay in the article and follow along if you’re as eager to learn the answers as we are!

Who Makes Matco Tools?

The only shareholder is Vontier Corporation, a $3 billion S&P 500 industrial technology company with a focus on better mobility and transportation. Matco is happy to help its distributors fulfill their aspirations of running prosperous businesses.

Matco is well-known throughout the world for its automotive products, including their high-quality auto repair tools, American-made toolboxes, and diagnostic scan tools. For premium tools, storage, and equipment, Matco provides mechanics and auto enthusiasts with the best-in-class service.

Global Traffic Technologies, Teletrac Navman, Matco Tools, and Hennessy Industries are five active businesses that are united by a lofty goal: mobilizing the future to build a better society.

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About the Manufacturer

Founded in 1946, Vontier has been providing automotive tools and products through a network of independent franchised mobile tool dealers to professional mechanics, auto enthusiasts, and everyday consumers who value high-quality automotive equipment since 1979.

Matco Tools

Their franchisees can be recognized by their white trucks that bear the Matco hex eagle logo. All 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico now have Matco distributors. Since its inception in 1979, Matco Tools has not been associated with Mac.

Matco Tools are distributed by a regional tool distributor who owns a region through a franchise, just like Snap-on, Cornwell, and many Mac Tools dealers. In order to create Fortive in 2016, the former corporate owner Danaher divided up a number of businesses, including Matco.

Where Are Matco Tools Made?

The majority of the time, Taiwan is where Matco sources its tools from, in addition to the USA. For instance, they have a precise torque line followed by a standard line. While its precise torque is made elsewhere, its standard products are typically made in the United States.

American manufacturers produce all of Mast’s pliers, screwdrivers, impacts, and other tools. Speaking of smaller tools, Matco has a lot more products available, many of which were produced in Taiwan. But they do possess both. All of their Matco advanced sockets are manufactured in Taiwan, but all of their Matco standard sockets are manufactured in the United States.

Most of its pliers are made in Taiwan. Most of the ratcheting wrenches are made in Taiwan. Willie, a company affiliated with Knipex, makes screwdrivers. And everything therein is German-made. A set of 3/8 impact sockets from Matco costs about $60 and are pretty darn good. vs. $200 for their sockets made in the United States.

Who Makes Matco Infinium?

A Fortune 500 company with operations in a number of sectors, such as tools, the environment, and industrial processes and control, Danaher Corporation owns the Matco Tools division. Calling (866) 289-8665 or writing to 4403 Allen Rd. will connect you with Matco., Stow, Ohio 44224.

Matco Tools franchise owners make $91,000 per year, or $44 per hour, which is 41% more than the $60,000 national average for all franchise owners and 32% more than the average wage for all working Americans.

Compared to their precision torque wrenches, a set of Mac wrenches made in the US costs a few hundred dollars more.

Are Matco Tools the Best?

One brand that targets a particular industry is Matco. The Matco brand is pretty good. Both the quality and price are at least on par with Mac. All of their air tools seem to be I/R. Most of their pliers are of really excellent quality, far superior to Mac pliers, which don’t seem to be any better than Craftsman.

They have a 3″ impact gun that can fit in even the smallest spaces. There is also a 2200 foot-pound impact gun available. However, for use in the classroom, I would buy the stubby and a mid-size impact, perhaps a 1/2″, with a torque of about 250 ft-lbs, which should be enough to handle most diesel applications.

In the industry, Matco Tools provides the best customer service. They’re committed to building a reputation for providing customers with care and respect in line with the high standards they’ve set with the tools. Whether you access Matco through the internet or other channels, your experience will be unmatched.

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Snap-on Vs. Matco- Which One is Better?

Since Snap-on sockets have the smallest diameter and can fit in tighter spaces than other sockets, you’ll use 1/4″ drive sockets the majority of the time. On that note, I like Snap-on high torque ratchets, but not the ones with the big heads and rotating disks.

Start with long and short extensions since you’ll need more than one. Next, move on to floppy, fine-tooth, gearless, hi-look (which must have an Allen wrench hole), and wobble extensions. The latter is frequently used, but some people dislike them and only use them when they’re required to wobble for clearance.

Therefore, normal extensions like craftsmen are acceptable. Matco, however, is the way to go if you require deep sockets that you can pick up at a later time as necessary.


Common Tools That Matco Tools Manufactures

Now that you are aware that Matco Tools produces more than 1300 tools, it is time to learn more about the tools. Here, I’ll discuss the most popular tools that could be useful to you for a variety of daily tasks.

Again, professionals use these tools, and they are very pleased with their performance and build quality.

Who manufactures Matco air tools, you might wonder? Well, Matco Tools produces their own Matco Air Tools on an independent basis. Here you will know about-

  • Air tools
  • Electric tools
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools

Air Tools

If you’re looking for a Composite Impact Wrench, check out the high-quality and efficient Matco Air Tools.

You will become accustomed to using them as a result, and maintenance is very simple. These kinds of tools are simple to store and fit in small spaces thanks to their compact design. The market is filled with air tools from Matco Tools.

Electric Tools

Matco’s tools can put professional electricians one step ahead of the game. These tools were created by the manufacturers with the professional in mind. The equipment is very lightweight and simple to attach to the tool belt.

Hand Tools

The Matco Tools ratchet and numerous other hand tools are produced by Matco Tools Ltd. and are very user-friendly. You will receive a lifetime warranty from their hand tools, which is one of the unique features of their products.

You will always be compelled to purchase Matco Hand Tools because of their exceptional quality. Not only experts, but also beginners, can use these tools.

Power Tools

When it comes to power tools, you should be aware that they are an absolute necessity for the manufacturing sectors. Additionally, the performance of these power tools is absolutely astounding. These power tools are made by Matco Tool in their sector.

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Does Matco Make Any of Their Own Tools?

Matco produces their own line of toolboxes in their Production facility in Jamestown, New York. Many air tools, electric tools, hand tools, and diagnostic tools are produced by them or under contract by other companies.

What Company Owns Matco Tools?

The Matco Tools are not made by a single person, and they have a good supply chain and management to do so. This business is owned by Matco Tools’ founding members.

Who Makes Mac Tools?

Mac Tools manufactured tools are produced in various Stanley Black & Decker facilities around the world.

Final Words on Matco Tools

I’m assuming you are familiar with Matco Tools and how their tools are made.

It goes without saying that you need a useful tool when you travel and need to break some rusted bolts loose. And why should Matco be any different if that tool offers you a 10-year warranty?

Additionally, obtaining these tools is very simple due to their constant availability in the market. Therefore, get the Matco tools you need right away.

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