Who Makes Masterforce Tools? Guide 2022

Who makes Masterforce tools? One of Menards’ house brands is Masterforce for power tools and hand tools. In other words, Menard, Inc. is the owner of Masterforce brand, but the company does not manufacture the Masterforce tools themselves. Menard must outsource the production of tools to another firm because they lack the necessary resources and infrastructure.

Their preferred provider may vary from tool to tool and may change at any time. Most of Masterforce’s tools appear to be manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker. But there are also level playing fields for Techtronic Industries (TTI) and Apex Tool Group. Their hand tools appear to be manufactured largely in the USA. For instance, the majority of their hand tools, while some are made by Pratt-Read, are produced by Apex Tool Group. These businesses both have factories where they produce their goods in the USA.

Keep reading, let’s dive into the world of Masterforce Tools.

Who Makes Masterforce Tools?

If you’re curious about who manufactures Masterforce toolboxes, you should be aware that Menard is the company that produces the tools under this name. The Menard house brand, which includes numerous tools, is known for its Masterforce tool line. 

You might be interested to know that Menard is one of the best home improvement stores in the United States.S., which John Menard Jr. founded in 1958. The business began by erecting pole buildings while working with Menard Cashway Lumber.” 

This business also became well-known for selling a range of lumber and home improvement goods. Several tools have recently been added to Menards’ inventory of goods. In Holiday City, Shelby, Ohio, and Iowa, the company opened its third and fourth distribution centers, respectively, in 2007. 

In the United States, there are about 335 Menards stores spread out over 15 states. The list of “America’s Largest Private Companies,” compiled by Forbes in 2016, ranked Menard, Inc. 37th. The company was praised for providing excellent customer satisfaction by J.D. Power in 2018.

masterforce tools

Masterforce Tools, a division of the business, offers a range of tools and storage items to customers. The good news is that these tools appear to be more affordable than some well-known brands in the market while still being fairly effective and long-lasting.

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Where Are Masterforce Tools Made?

This changes from tool to tool once again. Their hand tools appear to be created in the USA in large part. For instance, while Pratt-Read produces some of their hand tools, Apex Tool Group produces the majority of them. These businesses both have factories in the USA where they produce their goods.

Other tools, however, might be produced elsewhere. They can be produced anywhere since Menards can easily switch the company that makes their brand. Menard owns the brand and probably will for the foreseeable future, although it’s unclear to whom they subcontract manufacturing.

This changes from tool to tool once again. Their hand tools appear to be created in the USA in large part. For instance, while Pratt-Read produces some of their hand tools, Apex Tool Group produces the majority of them. These businesses both have factories in the USA where they produce their goods.

Other tools, however, might be produced elsewhere. They can be produced anywhere since Menards can easily switch the company that makes their brand. Menard owns the brand and probably will for the foreseeable future, although it’s unclear to whom they subcontract manufacturing.

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Product Line for Masterforce

Masterforce offers a wide variety of tools and related items. They mostly concentrate on hand tools, which is where they excel. They also produce accessories and tool storage, though.

They do produce some power tools, but not as many as some other manufacturers. Additionally, they don’t have a long cordless line, which is typical today.

Warranty of Masterforce

The majority of Masterforce tools have lifetime warranties. One of the key selling factors for this business is this. Aside from that, returning tools is simpler with this brand than with others because it is held by a real, actual store that you can visit. You are not required to perform any sort of search for a nearby authorized service center. Just bring it to your neighborhood Menards.

Many of their power equipment have a manufacturer guarantee that lasts between one and three years, though the details vary depending on who built which tool.

Is Masterforce A Menards Brand?

Yes. Despite owning the brand, Menard, Inc. does not actually produce the tools. As an alternative, they outsource that portion to tool firms. Consequently, the manufacturer of your Masterforce tool may also be the one responsible for DeWalt or Milwaukee.

Of course, that doesn’t reduce Masterforce to being only another rebrand. Even though the majority of the tools are produced under the same roof as other brands, they are all distinctive in their own right.

Are Power Tools From Masterforce Reliable?

Excellent value can be found in Masterforce power tools. While their quality won’t reach that of the best tools from Milwaukee or DeWalt, Masterforce tools fall in the prosumer category. They will be comparable in quality to the least expensive tools from DeWalt and Milwaukee. However, they actually compete more directly with midrange companies like Craftsman, Ridgid, and Porter Cable. And twenty-five years is more than long enough to develop a power tool with quality that rivals other brands at the same price while still hitting a target price point.

Masterforce Power Tool

Although the cost of the actual tools may not be significantly less than that of their more well-known competitors, the cost of the batteries is frequently a little lower. And ultimately, that’s where the expense comes from. Although the tool can last for many years, you will need to replace the batteries periodically.

There is no reason not to purchase Masterforce power tools if you can find them at a good price and live close to Menards. The secret to buying power tools is to make sure they’re of decent quality and, ideally, available at a store close to you. In this way, you won’t have to drive an hour to get new batteries if they run out in the middle of a project.

It’s best to stick with a single tool line and battery system. As long as you don’t have to travel too far to get batteries, choose Masterforce if you can find a deal on it, particularly if it’s a bundle deal during or after one of the major shopping holidays. You can be sure that the quality will be comparable if the price is similar to that of a comparable Kobalt tool at Lowe’s or Craftsman tool at Sears.

Naturally, batteries are irrelevant when discussing corded tools as opposed to cordless tools. If the price is right, it’s a tool you need, and you don’t mind it not being cordless, buy it.

Masterforce Tools Products

People can select from a variety of tool options in Menards’ Masterforce tool line. You can use a wide variety of automotive tools for different types of car repairs. In light of this, Masterforce provides the following top-notch tools.

Automotive Tools

Masterforce carries a variety of tools for automotive applications, with some common choices being:

Masterforce Tire Care

This high-volume inflator hose is included with this excellent 20-volt tire inflator, which is a tool. You can use this digital tire inflator to use deflated tires or other inflatables, and it will provide enough air to inflate them.

The tool automatically stops when it reaches the set PSI, which is an interesting feature that allows users to set their preferred PSI. Please be aware that this inflator has a 160 PSI maximum.

Masterforce Battery Charger & Maintainer

For charging both standard Gel and AGM batteries, the battery charger and maintainer are efficient. This charging kit comes with a good battery tester and alternator tester. Various batteries for automobiles, ATVs, and RVs can be serviced with this tool., marine, snowmobiles, trucks, personal watercraft, lawn tractors, and farm equipment.

Truck & Job Boxes

A large capacity for storing various automotive tools is provided by the Masterforce 26-inch truck box. It comes coated to prevent corrosion and has side handles that make it simple to use. This toolbox has pegs for box end wrench storage, sockets, and various slots for ratchets and screwdrivers.

Power Inverters

The Masterforce power inverter performs well. The MFPC-1500 is a device that transforms vehicle power into home air conditioning. power. It has two air conditioners. outlets and Additionally, the system is protected from potential power surges by useful features like USB ports.

Masterforce offers a wide range of products in addition to different automotive tools, including:

Materforce Power Tools

Below we list some types of Materforce power tools.

8.5 Amp Masterforce Belt Sander

Because it has a powerful control system for dust extraction while it is sanding the wood, this power tool has outstanding premium features.

This tool has a wide range of speed settings, from 790 RPM to 1150 RPM.

Masterforce Cordless 20v Drill

A unique motor technology that is dependent on a microprocessor is included in this cordless drill from Masterforce. Thus, there is decreased heat buildup and lesser friction during use. Again, there is a 2-speed gearbox, which further allows folks to drill without facing any hassles and enables altering the clutch settings.

Trigger Switch Grinder

This power tool with a 7 to 9-inch capacity is useful for cutting and grinding a variety of materials. Because of its keyless guard, the 15 AMP motor, which spins at 6,500 RPM, also enables quick adjustments.

15 Amp Masterforce Circular Saw

This particular tool brand offers a useful alternative for wood cutting applications and can be used with both hard and softwood. DIYers can effectively use this 15 AMP circular saw without any hassles thanks to the various safety features installed in it.

Materforce Hand Tools

Below hand tools are also worth buying.

Sledge Hammers

The Masterforce drop-forged sledgehammers are well-made, have sturdy handles, and function well. It is reasonably stable because the head seems to be made of carbon steel. Thanks to its rust-resistant finishing, you can rest assured that there would be no case of corrosion.


Chisels are additional tools that go in the toolbox, and Masterforce sells high-quality ones. These chisels are made of sturdy, forged steel that offers exceptional strength. The soft, non-slip rubber grips on the Masterforce chisel make it easy to hold.

Masterforce Screwdriver Sets

Screwdrivers are crucial tools for various home improvements and can be used to fix a variety of automotive problems, such as adjusting the drum brakes on a car. Sets of different-sized heat-treated steel screwdrivers are offered by Masterforce. Who produces Masterforce screwdrivers? Menards is the manufacturer of all Masterforce tools.

Materforce Gear & Equipment Tools

Masterforce Wet/dry Vacuums

The 4-gallon polypropylene tank that comes with this vacuum is made of durable materials. It has an automatic 18-foot rewind feature. cord and a dust-sealed switch (on/off). This tool appears to be very portable and user-friendly, made even easier by the top handle’s balanced design.

Masterforce Work Light

One tool that illuminates dark environments and provides hours of effective energy light is the 20 volt cordless LED 2000 lumen work light. It has a hook so users can hang the light while they work and comes with a brand-compatible battery.

Materforce HVAC

Masterforce Dehumidifiers

The dehumidifiers sold under this brand are diverse and effective at reducing indoor humidity levels. The good news is that options can manage large-grade dehumidification by expelling a lot of moisture.

Masterforce Air Scrubbers

The HEPA Air Scrubber, a purification system that improves indoor air quality, is one fantastic tool from Masterforce. It effectively lowers the offensive odors that are present in the air.

Masterforce Air Movers

Because they provide enough airflow, the Masterforce air movers are exceptional at keeping small spaces dry.

Are Masterforce Hand Tools Any Good?

You get the best value for your money with Masterforce hand tools, yes.

Masterforce hand tools can compete with the less expensive options from Hilti, Milwaukee, and Bosch even though they might not be as high quality.

The fact that Masterforce tools can be hit or miss at times is a significant drawback. While some tools are simply unique and average, others imitate the design and build quality of Chevron and DeWalt hand tools while using a different color scheme.

The fact that Masterforce hand tools come in different quality ranges is best explained by the fact that they are either new makes with lower quality in order to lower their prices (a miss) or rebranded versions of the hand tools made by the contracted companies (a hit).

For instance, Masterforce wrenches, sockets, hammers, etc., are rebranded tools made by When it comes to screwdrivers, they are Pratt-Read, Danaher, or Apex. Other hand tools that they sell are primarily made in Asia.

Along with the manufacturer, quality varies, with American-made Masterforce tools having the highest user and product satisfaction ratings. Overall, Masterforce tools are a midrange brand of good quality.

With extra care and upkeep, Masterforce hand tools can last a lifetime.


Who Makes Dewalt Tools?

Craftsman and DeWalt are Owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

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Who Makes Metabo Tools?

Who makes Metabo tools is a frequently ased question. Metabo HPT is a brand within Koki Holdings America Ltd, which is the Koki Holdings Co., Ltd.’s North American subsidiary, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Who Makes Workforce Tools?

Workforce, like Husky, Pegasus and Hampton Bay, is a Home Depot house brand that manufactures everything from shelves to screwdrivers.

Who Makes Ryobi Tools?

Since 1996, the Ryobi brand in America has operated as a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries (TTI), a 1985-founded Hong Kong business.

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Are Masterforce Tools Worth Buying?

People who purchase Masterforce tools will receive excellent value for their money because these items are made from high-quality components. The fact that these items are reasonably priced is a plus.

Once more, the company offers a broad selection of tools that are useful for a variety of applications. So, using the list of choices provided by Masterforce, it is simple to locate a tool required for a particular application.

What Is the Manufacturer Of Masterforce Tape Measure?

It appears that the renowned home improvement retail company Menard, Inc. produces the Masterforce tape measure. Menard, a leading provider of various materials for home improvement, decided to launch a line of tools. This company sells a variety of measuring, automotive, power, and pneumatic hand tools.

This top-notch measuring device from Masterforce has a great set of numbers that are clearly visible, and it is reasonably priced.

Will Masterforce Tools Work With Dewalt Batteries?

You should be aware by this point that batteries have different voltages and capacities. To be sure, 20-volt Masterforce tools and chargers can be used with a standard DeWalt battery. In essence, you can use them for your Masterforce tools if you purchase the right DeWalt battery in terms of capacity.

Is It Comfortable To Use Masterforce Tools?

Masterforce hand tools offer convenience, accuracy, and efficiency all in one.

It has the best handles in the midrange category for hammers, chisels, utility blades, and hand planes.

The handles of the tools are expertly made to maximize ergonomics. Strong, grippy, and light hammers are used.

The rest of the handles are very comfortable to hold, with the exception of the pliers, whose handle rubber tends to loosen and come off over time.

What Are Problems With Masterforce Hand Tools?

Masterforce hand tools from Menards are a reliable mid-range tool line. The tools are designed for light to medium tasks that don’t put too much of a strain on them because they break easily.

The following issues can arise when using hand tools from Masterforce.

  • Except for their pliers, Masterforce’s hand tools are good. They have grippy handles, but they easily lose grip while in use, and they are challenging to adjust.
  • Menards stores are clustered around Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, while the States in the South and the West don’t have any. A Masterforce hand tool would not be a wise purchase if you reside in one of these states without a Menards.

The cost of purchasing a new hand tool from a different company would be greater than the hassle of having your current one replaced.

  • Screwdrivers are one example of a Masterforce hand tool with slippery handles. They put the user in danger in addition to being uncomfortable to use.

What Are the Price of Masterforce Hand Tools?

In the middle of the price range are Masterforce tools; you might be able to score a great deal on a hand tool.

Given the significant price difference when compared to high-end brands like Milwaukee’s hand tools, you might begin to doubt the quality of the tool. However, the majority of Menards’ Masterforce tools are imitations or rebrands of well-known brands, making them extremely high quality and cost-effective.

The Masterforce tool will work well for you if you live close to a Menards store or if you plan to use it for simple home improvement projects.

Final Words on Masterforce Tool

Masterforce power tools are made by Chervon, one of the 10 largest OEMs of power tools in the world. Chervon makes Masterforce cordless tools, and they are based in Nanjing in China, although they have facilities in several countries. Chervon is a reading name in the power tool industry and recently incorporated two power tool giants, Skil and Flex.

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