Who Makes Kobalt Tools? Everything You Should Know

Kobalt Tools

The preferred brand of power and hand tools at Lowe’s is Kobalt. They are less expensive as a house brand than the well-known names.

But Who makes Kobalt tools? The Chervon business, which was founded in 1993, manufactures all Kobalt products. This is one of the largest producers of power equipment in the world. They also produce goods for other brands, such as Skil, CRAFTSMAN tools for Sears, and branded goods for Menards.

To learn more about Kobalt tools, let’s start.

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Who Makes Kobalt Tools?

Of course, Kobalt items aren’t produced by Lowe’s. Not to be confused with the oil firm, Chervon is the original equipment manufacturer for Kobalt power tools. Chervon may not be a name you are familiar with, but it has been around for a while. One of the top ten power tool producers in the world, it owns and produces various well-known brands, including Skil. Additionally, Chervon produces power tools for several retailers, such as Menards, and has produced a range of Craftsman equipment for Sears. Naturally, keep in mind that the Craftsman tools at places like Lowe’s are no longer the same as those at Sears. Flex is a more expensive brand that Chervon also produces and sells at Lowe’s.

Chervon is a more recent business than Stanley Black and Decker, which makes DeWalt, Craftsman, and Black and Decker, and TTI, which makes Milwaukee, Ridgid, and Ryobi. However, Chervon was established in 1993, more than 25 years ago. They aren’t a veteran business, but they also aren’t a newcomer.

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Who Owns Kobalt Tools?

You might be surprised to learn that Lowe’s owns Kobalt Tools, so it’s likely that’s where you’ve seen them. Kobalt Tools are frequently spotted at the major hardware chains. It is the primary brand sold at Lowe’s and was a component of the Australian Masters Home Improvement chain, which was also a Lowe’s company but is no longer operational.

You might be surprised to learn that Lowe’s owns Kobalt Tools, so it’s likely that’s where you’ve seen them. Kobalt Tools are frequently spotted at the major hardware chains. It is the primary brand sold at Lowe’s and was a component of the Australian Masters Home Improvement chain, which was also a Lowe’s company but is no longer operational.

Kobalt Tools

Are Kobalt Tools A Lowe’s Brand?

One of Lowe’s house brands, Kobalt tools are only available at Lowe’s. Kobalt tools are frequently less expensive than their rivals because they are a Lowe’s house brand.

Due to agreements between Lowe’s and manufacturers, it has been asserted that Kobalt and competitor CRAFTSMAN are in direct competition at Lowe’s.

About Lowe’s

North Carolina is where Lowe’s was established in 1946. It is listed among the Fortune 500 American companies. The sale of hardware for appliances and home improvement projects is their main line of work. In the US home improvement market, Lowe’s has a market share of about 6%.

In North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, L.S. Lowe began the journey in 1921 with a typical hardware store. After his passing, the company was taken over by his son James Lowe and son-in-law Carl Buchan. They changed to selling building materials and hardware in bulk.

The genius of Lowe was to take advantage of the growing American DIY culture in the 1970s. They began selling everything a customer would require for either complete building projects or home repairs. The cost has also been kept reasonable.

They reached $1 billion in sales in 1982, and a year later, they rose by about 40%, reaching an astounding $1.42 billion in sales. Lowe’s reported a stellar $89.6 billion US dollar revenue in 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, Lowe’s will have 1974 stores worldwide, according to data. Lowe’s net worth was $141.94B as of August 2021, and it was increasing. They have their own family of private brands and projects in addition to selling other brands. There are Kobalt Power tools.

History & Manufacturing of Kobalt Tools

In 1998, Lowe’s and J.H. Williams, their manufacturing partner, began producing Kobalt tools to counter Sears and The Home Depot’s Craftsman and Husky offerings. When J.H. Williams changed its name to Snap-On Tools in 2003, the Danaher Corporation took over the production of Kobalt tools.

In 2011, Lowe’s changed suppliers once more, this time to J.S.Products of Nevada, who continue to produce the tools today. Additionally, they agreed to collaborate with Chervon on the creation of cordless power tools, and Great Neck Saw manufactures their screwdrivers. The miter saws have been produced since 2020 by Rexon Industrial Cooperation in Taiwan.

What Tools Does Kobalt Make?

As a Lowe’s house brand, Kobalt produces a wide variety of equipment for the hardware store. Kobalt produces a variety of tools, many of which may be found at Lowe’s, as listed by House Grail.

Hand Tools

The hand tools from Kobalt are of excellent quality and durability. Their pliers, sockets, and other tools are frequently less expensive while still being of equal quality to those made by the most well-known brands. This equipment will be a wonderful addition to any workshop.

Tool Power

The power tools are of a respectable caliber, comparable to those from Black + Decker, Milwaukee, Ryobi, and many other manufacturers. Despite growing the line, it isn’t as comprehensive as DeWalt or Makita’s. Additionally, they appear more focused on air tool and outdoor equipment expansion than on enhancing the power tool line.

Outdoor Resources

Their outdoor tools performed admirably, and we appreciated that they were battery-operated and environmentally friendly. We strongly advise them if you have a tiny yard. Sadly, a lot of these gadgets are still pricey, and they can run out of power before you’re done with a bigger yard.

Types Of Kobalt’s Power Tools

Power tools from Kobalt’s innovative small tool line to cordless drills and drivers won’t let you down, whether you choose the high-performance, high-quality drills, and drivers or the creative small tool line.

Kobalt offers a variety of cordless power tools, including hammers, drills, and saws. These tools offer strong performance for clean cuts and demanding outdoor work thanks to their tough construction and no-nonsense dependability.

One of the most well-known tools from Kobalt is its screwdriver set. These screwdriver sets include a wide range of screwdriver heads that can be used on a variety of screws.

Your work will be made easier by the professional-grade design and engineering of Kobalt power and hand tools. They create tools that help you accomplish more by working harder and lasting longer.

Price of Kobalt Tools

They may not be significantly less expensive than their more well-known competitors in terms of the instruments themselves, but their battery prices are considerably lower. Batteries account for the majority of their cost because they need to be replaced every few years. Although the gadget can last a lifetime, its batteries will eventually degrade.

Make sure you purchase your tools from a local store that offers reasonably priced items of acceptable quality.

Avoid purchasing a cheap product with a subpar rating. Power tools are highly complicated and carry a danger of injury.

Why Does Lowe’s Promote Craftsman?

On its home field, Craftsman has recently demoted Kobalt to second place. The deal struck between Lowe’s and Stanley is the most sensible explanation. In order to help recoup that investment, Stanley Black & Decker, which spent close to $900 million for the Craftsman brand, is aggressively promoting it at Lowe’s. Kobalt has therefore been the odd brand out since around 2017. It has been simple for Lowe’s to attempt and take that old business as Sears shutters more and more stores.

Nobody knows how long that condition will persist. In terms of money, it appears to be profitable for both businesses. Profits for both companies have increased significantly since 2017.

Are Kobalt Tools Made In America?

In the past, different companies in the USA produced Kobalt tools. Before switching to J.S Products of Nevada to produce their hand tools, Lowe’s first manufacturing partner was Danaher.

Rexon Industrial Corporation has been producing Kobalt Miter saws and accessories in Taiwan since 2020 while other power tools are made in China.

Nevertheless, a large number of Kobalt hand tools are still produced for Lowe’s in the US by different businesses.

Are Kobalt Tools Worth Buying?

We believe that Kobalt tools are a wise choice. They are made in America, supported by well-known companies like Lowe’s, guaranteeing premium quality, and are also available almost everywhere in the country. Therefore, locating any parts won’t be a problem.

As brands are more geared toward industrial usage, Dewalt and Makita are more focused than Kobalt. However, they excel at do-it-yourself projects for home improvement.

Here are a few different types of Kobalt Power tools we picked up from Amazon –

  • Kobalt 24V MAX Brushless 2 Tool Combo kit
  • Kobalt 24V MAX 6-1/2in Cordless Circular Saw Brake
  • Kobalt 18 – piece Cordless 24V Max Oscillating tool kit
  • Kobalt 24V MAX Volt Variable Speed Cordless Reciprocating Saw

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Where are Kobalt tools made?

Many Kobalt Tools are manufactured in the United States of America. Other power tools are made in China, but Kobalt Miter saws and their accessories have been made in Taiwan since 2020 by the company Rexon Industrial Corporation.

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Are Kobalt tools made in the USA?

Of all the Kobalt tools at LOWE’S only 7 types of tools are made entirely in the The remaining items are either produced in China or using components from other nations. The air compressors are made in the USA with the motors coming from Mexico.


Particularly their hand tools, which are created in America, Kobalt tools are a good option. They are simple to locate, and there is a sufficient variety that you can usually find what you require at a competitive price. Despite not being as powerful as DeWalt or Makita, their power tools are adequate for the majority of do-it-yourself home repair projects.

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