Who Makes Icon Tools? Everything You Need To Know

Do you know who makes icon tools? Harbor Freight is the company that produces Icon Tools. The headquarters of Harbor Freight is in California. Are you considering buying icon tools and want to learn more about this brand? You’ve come to the right place!

Icon Tools recently entered the market and generated a lot of buzzes online. The Icon tools now have new features that give mechanics a dependable, long-lasting service. In roughly 48 states, the company owns and runs more than a thousand retail locations.

To better inform you about Icon Tools, we have compiled all the available research.

Who Makes Icon Tools?

A business called Harbor Freight manufactures Icon Tools. California is the home state of Harbor Freight. The business owns and manages more than a thousand retail locations across about 48 states. Because of their excellent quality and affordable price, these tools have won the hearts of customers.

In 1977, a family-run company called Harbor Freight and Salvage was founded. Initially, this business operated as a mail-order business that specialized in returned and liquidated goods. As time went on, the name was changed to Harbor Freight Tools. With its icon tools warranty, this company promises your complete satisfaction.

Icon tools are distributed by Harbor Freight as well, and they have an extensive online store. They are available both in your neighborhood shops and online retailers like Amazon. Additionally, Harbor Freight offers hand tools made by Bremen, Doyle, Quin, and Pittsburg. Ratchets, screwdrivers, sockets, and wrenches are all part of the Icon Tools line.

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Quick History

Icon Tools are only available from Harbor Freight. Two Icon Torque wrenches were released as the company’s first two essential products in 2018, launching Icon Tools.

Harbor Freight

Following their initial success, they released a complete line of premium hand tools and specialized tool kits in the year 2019.

Over a thousand stores in 48 states are owned and operated by them alone. Aside from online sales, Harbor Freight also has a number of physical stores where customers can purchase low-cost, high-quality tools. The Harbor Freight website, another store they operate, offers a sizable selection of tools.

Where Are Icon Tools Made?

Taiwan is where these tools are produced. Products made in Taiwan are typically of higher quality than those made in China. The main reason for this is the unfavorable reputation of some Chinese-made goods.

Icon Tools

Where a product is made, however, is less significant than how well it holds up in use, and Icon tools hold up well.

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Icon Tools Products List

Hand tools, storage systems, and highly specialized tools are all part of Harbor Freight’s Icon Tools product line. Torque wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets are a few of the equipment. Here are some of the best Icon tools you will get in the market:

Icon Screwdriver Set

Their screwdriver is one of the most popular icons’ tools. Their screwdrivers feature an extra-large ergonomic grip for the best possible grip. Additionally, they have mechanic grips that offer you a perfect fit. As a result, the fasteners won’t be stripped or slipped by the tool.

When you need more torque, you can use the bolster Icon tools have added to the screwdriver’s shaft. Additionally, the screwdriver has a polished S2 steel shank that passes through the handle. This aids in the flawless transmission of torque from the user’s hand to the fastener. It also made sure the tool would last.

Icon Tools

Icon Tools makes screwdrivers that can withstand the harsh conditions that mechanics work in. Chemical-resistant handles and a polished, hygienic shank are both features of this product. Icon Tools screwdriver sets have storage, which makes it easier to stay organized.

Icon Ratchets

The gold-plated ratchet is one of the brand-new Icon 2021 tools. Due to its gold color, this ratchet has quickly grown in popularity. This Icon limited edition ratchet is 3/8 inches and 24k gold plated. It has a drive professional low profile head design, which makes it easy for it to fit into even the tightest working spaces.

Ratchets made by Icon Tools have a 90 tooth gear that has been precisely machined. This gives it a restricted 4° swing, enabling it to work comfortably in confined spaces. Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant, it has a polished finish. Along with having a non-slip grip and a comfortable grip design, the ratchet also has a reduced risk of hand fatigue.

Standard ratchets of the same exceptional quality are also available from Icon tools. Professional mechanics use them as their go-to tools. These ratchets are built to withstand a lot of torque and fit into small spaces. There are various sizes of professional flex heat ratchets.

The hand tools are constructed with a polished chrome finish that is rust-resistant and simple to maintain. They also sell a combination ratchet set that is dependable and high-quality, which you can also purchase.

Icon Sockets

The best sockets available on the market are those made of icons. Premium chrome vanadium steel and a highly polished finish are used to create these sockets. It has an awesome appearance, is corrosion-resistant, and is simple to clean.

icon Sockets

Icon Tools sockets feature a 6-point design for maximum torque. You can engage the fastener quickly thanks to their chamfered socket design. It also has a thin wall design, making it simple to access challenging fasteners. There are various sizes of sockets available.

Icon Tools professional socket sets do not omit any sizes. The right tool for the job will always be available thanks to this. All deep sockets have a shallow hex depth to keep the fastener in the socket’s end. this makes the process more efficient. The sockets come in a high-quality storage tray for simple organization and have legible markings.

Icon Wrenches

Some of the best brands of tools include icon wrenches. They carefully machine their wrenches to provide a non-slip grip. The 12-point box ends on the wrenches allow for simple fastener engagement by the user. This feature stops the fastener from rounding off and the wrench from slipping.

Premium chrome vanadium steel is used to manufacture Icon Tools wrenches. Their tough, polished chrome finish, which is long-lasting and durable, prevents grease buildup by providing superior resistance to corrosion and rust. Working in confined spaces is made simple by the open end.

It is simple to get around obstacles thanks to the wrench’s 15° offset knuckle clearance. Efficiency and comfort were taken into consideration during design. Icon tools’ wrench provides you with a balanced handle design in addition to a comfortable, secure grip. Along with the wrench set, a high-end storage tray is included.

Icon Torque Wrench

Icon torque wrenches are the best tools to use when you need precise torque. This wrench makes use of a heavy-duty cam and pawl mechanism. The wrenches have a 90 tooth gear mechanism that makes small arc swings easier for them.

Aside from that, they have legible markings. The clear click of the torque wrenches also helps you avoid overtightening. The wrenches are offered in various sizes and are packaged in an excellent storage case.

Icon Storage Systems

The storage systems offered by Icon Tools are among the best on the market. Who makes icon toolboxes, and what distinguishes them from the competition? Harbor Freight is the manufacturer of these industrial roller cabinets. They come in red, black, blue, green, and colors. Strong steel and finely reinforced welds were used to construct this storage. They are perfect for withstanding the harsh environment of garages.

The double-wall steel frames used in the construction of Icon tool cabinets provide the greatest strength. Their 18 gauge interior panels can support the slide and drawer weight evenly. The corner bracket’s structural support stops the cabinets from twisting. These toolboxes are finished with an incredibly durable powder coat.

The integrated power system, which includes two 110V outlets and two quick-charging USB ports, is one feature that distinguishes the cabinets. To keep your tools safe and secure, the icon tools storage system also has a cutting-edge locking system. Their force drawer latches can be adjusted, which allows the opening force to be controlled.

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How Much Are Icon Tools?

When it comes to hand tools and storage solutions, Icon Tools has some of the best prices. Price reductions over time have been made to the tools since they were first introduced when they were a little more expensive. When contrasting Icon Tools and Icon tools cost less than Snap-On products while maintaining a nearly identical level of quality.

The price of an icon tool will vary depending on the particular tool you purchase. 6-piece socket sets cost around $19.99 while 12-piece ratcheting sets to costs approximately $199.99. The starting price for Icon tools overhead cabinets is $799.99.

Icon end cabinets have a starting price of $1199.99. The rolling cabinets, which cost approximately $3799.99, are the most expensive of their equipment. Occasionally, you can find these tools for less, which will enable you to save more money. All Icon storage units are also delivered for free by Harbor Freight.

Icon Tools Warranty

On their Icon Tools set, Harbor Freight provides a lifetime warranty. For all Icon tools, this warranty offers a hassle-free replacement with no questions asked. They promise that Icon tools leaving their facility are free of craftsmanship and material flaws for the duration of the product.

Some customers say that the description of their wrenches says that: “replacement sizes available with proof of purchase.” According to this statement, you can only order separate sizes if you have a receipt for the original order.

Is Icon Tools A Good Brand?

For both experienced mechanics and newbies, Icons tools are a reliable brand. These tools are well made and reasonably priced. Icon Tools has made its products to be dependable and long-lasting.

You can determine whether they are worth the price by comparing them to other tools. Icon Tools are a reputable company and offer you more value for your money, according to customer reviews.

Are Icon Tools Right for Me?

It depends on your budget and the intended use of the tools. Harbor Freight marketed its Icon line to “mechanics who demand top quality.”

This tool set might not be ideal for someone who is just starting out in mechanics. The Pittsburgh Pro line outperforms Icon while costing much less.

The Icon might be a good option, though, if you’ve been considering a new set of hand tools for some time. They are very expensive tools of excellent quality.

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Are Icon Tools Lifetime Warranties?

A hassle-free lifetime warranty is offered on all Icon tools. This guarantees that all of their tools are made with skill and superior materials. The best return policies and no-questions-asked warranties can be found at this business. This demonstrates that the manufacturer is confident in their goods and that they are defect-free.

Does Harbor Freight Own Snap-On?

Snap-On tools are not a brand owned by Harbor Freight. Snap-On Incorporated is the manufacturer of snap-on tools. SNA is the company symbol used to trade all of their tools. While Snap-On also sells high-quality tools, their prices are higher than those of Icon tools. Harbor Freight sells Icon, Bremen, Doyle, Quin, and Pittsburg hand tools.

Are Icon Tools Made in China?

Icon products are made entirely in Taiwan, China. I am aware that the majority of people believe goods from China to be of dubious quality, but this is not the case with Icon tools. These tools have quickly outperformed the dominant hand tool manufacturer. With their affordable, dependable, and high-quality products, Harbor Freight has outperformed its rivals.

Where To Buy Icon Tools?

Harbor Freight stores are where you can buy Icon Tools. There are 1,000 actual neighborhood stores spread across 48 US states. However, storage units are only offered in-store and cannot be purchased from their online stores.

Who Makes Snap-on Tools?

The Blue-Point Tool Company was established in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee in 1925. Punches and chisels were initially offered, but it soon grew to offer other tools like pliers and wrenches. The brand Blue-Point came to be associated with high-quality hand tools. The Snap-on Wrench Company and Blue-Point merged to form Snap-on Tools, Inc.

Who Makes Gearwrench Tools?

GEARWRENCH is a premier hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world.

Final Words on Icon Tools

With so many hand tool brands available, you want to be sure you choose wisely when making your next purchase.

Icon tools are the perfect brand for you if you are a novice or a professional mechanic on a tight budget. The question of who makes Icon Tools has been clarified in the aforementioned article for many readers. Harbor Freight is the manufacturer of Icon tools, which are produced in Taiwan. We have also talked about the price of Icon Tool and some of its product lines.

We hope that by giving you a thorough overview of the company that creates Icon Tools, we have moved you one step closer to making that purchase. If you want to learn more about tool brand, read our posts below:

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