Who Makes Husky Tools? Husky Vs Craftsman

Husky Tool

Who makes Husky tools? Most Husky tools are produced by Apex Tool Group for Home Depot. The owner of Apex Tool Group is Band Capital. You will also be surprised to learn that Apex also produces a wide range of power and hand tools for various businesses and brands, including Weller, Allen, etc.

If you are looking to purchase new hand, power, or mechanic tools, you probably want to concentrate on a few particular brands. Today we will introduce all the key information about Husky.

Husky tools are one of Home Depot’s house brands, which include several others. Husky tools are exclusively sold in Home Depot stores, so if you visit any superstores, you will undoubtedly find them there. Keep reading and find out more!

History Of Husky

Husky, which was founded in 1924, has a longer history than Home Depot. Being founded in 1978, Home Depot is a relative newcomer. Throughout the 20th century, the Husky brand was acquired by various parties.

An immigrant from Czechoslovakia named Sigmund Mandl founded Husky in Milwaukee in 1924. During the company’s early years, he was granted four patents for various wrench designs. He still has a monument in Milwaukee.

In 1929, Mandl sold the Husky brand to Olsen Manufacturing and joined a competing company. However, Olsen sold the name to the New Britain Machine Company in 1932. Husky was stabilized by this. In the 1970s, Litton Industries acquired the whole of New Britain. But in the 1980s, Litton shut down its hand tool division and sold the brands—including Husky—to National Hand Tool. National Hand Tool was subsequently purchased by Stanley in 1986.

To make Home Depot the sole retailer of the Husky brand, Stanley and Home Depot reached an agreement in October 1992. Early in the new millennium, Home Depot acquired the brand from Stanley. Since then, a number of companies have produced the tools for Home Depot.

Who Makes Husky Tools?

Even though Home Depot does some of its own production, they don’t make the Husky products themselves. Apex Tool Group is a business that manufactures the majority of Husky tools. Apex owns and produces a number of illustrious brands with solid reputations, even though you’ve probably never heard of them. Metal shears have made Wiss famous. The most popular brand of soldering equipment is Weller. Additionally, the word “hex wrench” is synonymous with Allen.

Additionally, Apex produces hand tools for other retailers like Menards and has produced a variety of Craftsman tools for Sears.

Of course, Home Depot is free to mix and match OEMs in order to achieve the desired price point. Along with Apex, Western Forge, Stanley, and Iron Bridge have produced Husky brand tools at various points in time.

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Is Husky A Good Brand?

For hand and pneumatic tools, Husky is an excellent and trustworthy brand. Husky tools are utilized by many professionals. Even we have seen a lot of homeowners buy Husky equipment for their various home maintenance projects.

Furthermore, our team has spoken with actual Husky tool users. Our study revealed that customers were generally happy with the functionality, durability, and support of these tools. It would be advantageous if you recognized that Husky tools aren’t intended for demanding professional jobs.

Husky tools, however, will be adequate for the majority of common users, do-it-yourselfers, and many professionals. For example, you could use their screwdriver set to tighten and loosen various screws and nuts around the house. The Husky hand tools will make it simple for you to complete your DIY crafts. Also quite helpful are their various pneumatic tools.

Additionally, Home Depot stores make it simple to purchase these tools. This implies that you can quickly obtain a Husky tool in an emergency. Husky is a trustworthy tool company because of its availability, high-quality products, and attentive customer service.

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Husky Vs Craftsman

Craftsman and Husky are two well-known mid-tier tool manufacturers in terms of both cost and general quality. Due to the fact that both manufacturers produce tools suitable for both homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, they compare favorably.

If we compare the tool lineups of each company, it is obvious that Craftsman has a much larger selection of power tools as well as lawn and garden tools. The Husky and Craftsman brands overlap in that the Husky brand is more concentrated on hand and automotive tools.

We can compare the two brands without having to take into account the significant price differences that would be present when comparing two brands like Black and Decker and Dewalt because they both compete in similar price and quality segments.


There are many similarities between the pricing structures of the two tool manufacturers. Since they are both in similar positions, nobody should be too surprised by this.

Basic sets are offered by each brand as mechanic’s sets, and the prices for these sets are remarkably similar. Husk’s nearly identical 149-piece mechanic’s tool set costs $112.90 while Craftsman’s 137-piece set costs $119.95.

Examining the standard 4-piece pliers set offered by each brand reveals the same thing. Craftsman’s 4-piece set kit, which includes needle nose, slip joint, groove joint, and diagonal pliers, costs $34.99. Husky’s nearly identical set of the same pliers costs the same price.

If you were to compare the catalogs of each brand, you would see a lot of overlap of this kind, which makes me think that some of these products are probably produced in the same factories.


The Husky vs. Craftsman lineups allow us to compare how well each team compares to the other.

Basic hand tools, pneumatic tools, tools for the automotive and mechanical industries, as well as tool storage, workbenches, workwear, and lighting, are the main products offered by Husky. They don’t sell any power tools, which is a glaring omission from their product line.

The emphasis of the lineup is on hand tools, which they provide in a wide range of wrenches, ratchet, sockets, screwdriver, and mechanics tool sets. Although the prices are lower than those of so-called “professional” brands like Snap-On and MAC, the quality of the tools is more than sufficient for the typical DIYer or garage tinker.

Compared to Husky, Craftsman offers a much wider variety of products, including power tools, automotive, hand, and a large selection of outdoor equipment. Additionally, they provide air tools, shelving, garage equipment, and tool storage.

With prices comparable to those offered by tool manufacturers like Ryobi, Porter-Cable, and Skil, the lineup is obviously focused on providing DIYers with cost-effective tools. When it comes to hand tools and automotive tools, Craftsman and Husky have a lot in common, so this is where you’ll probably find yourself deciding between the two companies.


Although you shouldn’t anticipate Husky and Craftsman to be on par with professional tier brands, both companies have a strong reputation for producing high-quality tools.

I’ve found Husky hand tools to be more than adequate for everyday DIY projects, and I’ve never had a tool break on me. The mechanic’s tool kits stand out as being particularly reliable and of a high caliber.

It’s not entirely clear who makes Husky tools, but we do know that a large number of them are produced by the Apex Tool Group, the same business that also produces tools for the Wiss, Allen, and Weller brands. It’s not surprising that there are some Craftsman tools that are also available under the Apex Tools Group brand at Sears.

Husky brand tools have also occasionally been produced by Western Forge, Stanley, and Iron Bridge.

In addition to having a solid reputation for quality, Craftsman tools are more than sufficient for the majority of do-it-yourself projects. I’d place them slightly below Husky’s offerings when it comes to their hand and mechanic tool sets.

Both businesses produce the majority of their tools in China and Taiwan, though Craftsman does sell some products that are made in the USA and appears to be concentrating on growing this selection in the future.


On their hand tools, which include wrenches, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, hammers, and mechanics tool sets, Craftsman and Husky both provide lifetime warranties.

Craftsman offers a 3-year limited warranty on pneumatic tools and a 1-year limited warranty on air compressors, compared to Husky’s 2-year limited warranty on all pneumatic tools and compressors.

Regarding Husky’s tool storage, warranties for boxes, pouches, and bags range from two to five years to lifetime guarantees for cabinets and shelving. Craftsman provides comparable warranties on these products, but their 10-year warranties only apply to metal chests and storage cabinets.

Overall, there isn’t much separating the two brands when it comes to warranties, making it difficult to determine a clear winner in this case.

Should I Buy Tools From Husky Brand?

Husky tools are the only ones you should pick if you’re a homeowner looking for small handheld tools to maintain your property. The Home Depot stores are a convenient source for these tools, and they are reasonably priced and of high quality.

You will adore their durability as well. So, for home upkeep, DIY projects, and even light-duty professional jobs, we advise you to buy Husky tools.


Who Makes Husky Air Tools?

Its hand tools are manufactured for Home Depot by Stanley Black & Decker, Western Forge, Apex Tool Group, and Iron Bridge Tools.

Are Husky Tools Good?

Husky hand tools are good tools for the money. Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a professional, I have seen professionals use them, and I myself own a lot of them. Professional builders will unquestionably suggest Husky to their apprentices, and they won’t do that for just any company.

Who Makes Craftsman Tools?

Stanley Black & Decker owns Tools made by Craftsman are sold under license to numerous other brands.

Who Makes Gearwrench Tools?

Apex Tool Group is the main owner, designer, and manufacturer of Gearwrench tools.

Final Words on Husky Tools

One of the top and most well-known home improvement brands in America in recent years is Husky. The majority of the Husky products made by Apex Tool Group are produced in China. Husky is all about hand tools, mechanic’s tools, and tool storage

Husky can be a great option if you’re looking for light-duty hand and pneumatic tools for your home improvement and maintenance tasks.

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