Who Makes Flex Power Tools? Everything You Should Know

Flex Power Tools

You may not be familiar with the word “FLEX,” but it exists. D you know who makes flex power tools? Flex Power Tools are currently owned by The Chervon Group, which is distinct from the energy provider Chevron.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into FLEX and the history of its tools. In addition, we will carefully examine the tools’ underlying technology to determine whether they are a brand worth supporting.

About Flex Power Tools

So, what exactly is FLEX Power Tools? Even though the name might be unfamiliar to you, they have a long history. In 1922, Germany became the birthplace of FLEX. It was created in 1954 and was the first portable grinder with a flexible shaft. In 2013, they joined the CHERVON company.

Having been founded in 1993, who is CHERVON? They have collaborated with significant power tool manufacturers to create power tools under well-known brand names. In other words, they operated more like a business. Then, in 2014, they launched an outdoor power tool company called EGO. The EGO revolutionized OPE. They were the first to design high-quality goods that really delivered. The rivals have been attempting to catch up ever since.

In addition to developing some of the best products available, they also created one of the best battery platforms, which will be discussed in more detail below.

Who Is Chervon Group?

An international manufacturer based in China, Chervon has offices in Naperville, Illinois, where it conducts business in North America. Although we don’t have a precise figure, 200 people are reportedly employed there, according to online sources, in North America.

Over $1.7 billion in sales and a profit of just under $150 million were reported by Cervon in 2021. Both show a notable improvement over the previous three years and a pattern of rising sales and profit.

At the moment, Chervon is the owner of several well-known tool brands in North America, such as Flex, EGO, and Skil/Skilsaw. They also produce power tools for other manufacturers.

We have found that each of these brands offers excellent quality and typically outperforms rival products at the same price.

Where Are Flex Tools Made?

Although Flex is owned by a Chinese company, its manufacturing headquarters still remains in Germany.

Flex was founded in Stuttgart Germany, and was sold to Chervon in 2013, but it continues to operate largely independently in its home nation.
Flex was a small business with fewer than 300 employees before it was acquired by Chervon, in spite of its enormous popularity and distribution of tools to thousands of Lowes locations across the United States.
Because Flex’s customers relied on Chervon’s high-quality German manufacturing, the company’s owners allowed the operation to continue in its current location.

Flex Power Tools: Technology

Batteries – Since batteries form the basis of every cordless line, they must be the foundation of any good power tool company. FLEX is an industry leader when it comes to batteries and technology.

The batteries in the FLEX come in two levels. FLEX additionally has a 24V battery platform while everyone else only has an 18V battery platform. Consequently, more power and a longer runtime compared to rivals

A sleeve that absorbs heat and shields each cell is part of the Therma-Tech heat management system used by FLEX. Anything a business can do to prevent the cells from being damaged by heat will result in longer run times and battery life.

Third FLEX has an epoxy-sealed electronics package and a shock-resistant design to shield everything inside from the elements.

Charger – Compared to most of their rivals, FLEX charges batteries more quickly. The process moves along more quickly because the chargers have more wattage. The chargers also feature two cooling fans, which allows batteries to cool down more quickly and start the charging cycle earlier.

The intelligent processor that monitors each cell and optimizes charging of each cell is another great benefit.

Tools – Power tools made by FLEX are extremely reliable. Brushless motors are used in the construction of each of their tools, increasing productivity. In exchange, you get more power, a tool that lasts longer between charges, and longer tool life.

They employ various censors in their motors to control torque and speed for optimum performance as well as to protect the tool from overload.

These are merely a few of the advantages that the FLEX power tool system has over its rivals. To stand out from the competition and give a true advantage over the competition, like any power tool company, FLEX offers a strong starting point, a strong battery platform, and intelligent power tools.

Flex Power Tools

Flex Power Tools List

Angle grinders and other cordless tools are just a few of the products Flex carries that can help people fix a variety of projects. Regardless of your skill level, you can purchase useful tools from this brand that will effectively accomplish your goals.

Here are some top-notch reviews of Flex power tools in light of that.

The Flex ¼-inch Quick Eject Driver

This brand’s impact driver has unmatched torque and power. You might find it interesting to know that this tool changes quickly and easily due to its excellent speed.

The company builds these tools with three different speeds so that users can select the speed that is appropriate for their application. This tool has self-tapping screw modes that make it simple to use when tightening screws for added control.

Flex ½-inch Drill Driver With Double Speed And Turbo Mode

Flex is one brand that offers great selections for drills with sufficient power. The brand’s ½-inch drill driver has a powerful 1,400-inch-pounds of torque. The 2-speed feature once more gives customers the option to select the appropriate speeds during applications.

The turbo mode frequently produces quicker results, which is pretty impressive. This drill’s anti-kickback technology and sensor-free brushless motor are two additional nice features.

The Quick Eject Reciprocating Saw

This reciprocating saw is still one of the best choices Flex offers if you’re looking for a tool that can efficiently cut through wooden materials. With a single charge, it can cut up to 50 4x4s, which is exceptional performance. Please take note that the Shockshield on this tool allows for less vibration.

You might be interested to learn that this device uses a 5.0 Ah battery and provides excellent power. Flex built a keyless blade eject into this tool for quick blade changes. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to touch the hot edges when it comes time to get the blades changed.

Flex Safety Vc21lmc Vacuum Cleaner

The convenience of this small vacuum cleaner makes cleaning up simple. The good news is that this device has a high suction capacity and is portable. You can anticipate excellent extraction results as a result of the turbine’s high performance.

With manual filter cleaning, you can use a focused air blast to remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated around the filter element. 1000 watts is still the maximum input power, and a cable measuring 5.0 meters is included.

Flex Brushless Hammer Drill Driver

This 20v brushless hammer drill driver from Flex has the necessary add-ons to help you bore through a variety of materials. Its handle, which provides an excellent grip, makes control simple. Its 7-inch length and 3.7-pound weight make it lightweight.

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Does Dewalt Make Flex Tools?

You might be interested to know that Flex power tools and DeWalt are two separate brands and that Flex tools has been in business for roughly 90 years. In 2013, Chevron, one of the leading producers in the sector, acquired the brand.

Chevron provides top-notch equipment for many private labels, including the German firm Flex. As a result, you can anticipate a wide range of top-performing tools that function perfectly thanks to the tremendous experience and innovation of the tools from this brand.

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Are Flex Tools Kobalt?

Despite the fact that Flex and Kobalt are independent tool brands, both are made with Lowe’s tool lines in mind. You should keep in mind that Lowe’s recently added Flex tools to its selection of tools.

An American retail business with a focus on offering various home improvement products is called Lowes Companies, Inc. The second hardware chain in the United States, this business is based in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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Does Milwaukee Make Flex Tools?

Flex tools are manufactured by Chevron, not Milwaukee. It may be of interest to you to know that both companies operate independently and offer their customers a range of products. Milwaukee is a division brand of the renowned Hong Kong-based company Techtronic Industries, which Chevron has been producing Flex tools for since 2013.

Both brands offer a sizable selection of useful and long-lasting tools, though.

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Final Words on Flex Power Tools

In conclusion, FLEX power tools are a force in the power tool industry and are here to stay. You can tell that a Flex tool is high-quality and prepared for demanding work when you pick one up. Although you can’t see inside the batteries, you can rest assured that they are equipped with the necessary technology to safeguard the tool and deliver real power and runtime.

They will be expanding this line even though it may not yet be as large as the leading brands. In my opinion, the FLEX power tool line is a professional one that can handle demanding applications and job sites.

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