Where Are Dewalt Tools Made? Is It Work Well?

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You might not be able to locate the manufacturing facility where your equipment is made, even if you turn it on its side. DeWalt is no exception. They’re not all made in the US, despite what you might believe. So where are DeWalt tools made?

DeWalt manufactures products from Brazil to China, so not all of their tools are produced there. In order to understand why it matters, let’s look at which DeWalt products are produced in which nation.

Let’s find out!

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Who Owns Dewalt?

DeWalt once stood alone, but eventually Stanley Black & Decker, a major player in the tool industry, purchased it. DeWalt operates as a Black & Decker subsidiary today. More specifically, DeWalt is renowned for being the division in charge of giving users high-end, professional-grade tools.

Dewalt tool

Are Dewalt Tools Made In America?

DeWalt recently tried to show its commitment to the industry. They suffered consequences, just like many other businesses that outsourced production in the 2000s. 

In 2013, the business acknowledged the issue and released a press release announcing that they would start manufacturing tools in the US using foreign components. Following the fallout from 2013, the availability of American-made tools has increased dramatically as a result of their PR strategy’s success. 

It’s not always the case, but a lot of tools and parts are made in the USA. Verify the desired tool is in good working order before spending any money.

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Do Us-made Power Tools Have Better Quality?

For some reason, a lot of customers think that instruments made in the USA are better. The justification that is most frequently cited is that improved inspection will result from stricter production rules and production quality standards.

Equipment made in other nations has less successful rates than the norm. But, actual reports show that there is little evidence supporting the “Made in America” statement.

What Amount Of Tools Does Dewalt Produce In America?

DeWalt manufactures well over 100 different products in the US as of this writing, including a nice selection of power tools, hand tools, and accessories. It is unknown how many tools and accessories will be produced in the coming years, but the outlook seems positive.

Their Flexvolt 2.5-Gallon Cordless Air Compressor Kit, 4-Piece Max XR Combo Kit, and various impact driver kits are some of their more well-known American-made tools. Many of their most well-known hand tools, such as their handsaws, utility knives, and tape measures, are American-made.

Why Did DeWalt Begin Producing Tools in America?

There were several reasons, but the main one had to do with negative press. DeWalt was suffering a decline in public favor because of its outsourcing, just like many other mega-corporations. The overall quality of DeWalt’s tools—or, at the very least, how those tools were perceived—was drastically declining, much like it was for other companies.

DeWalt moved a portion of their tool manufacturing stateside because they were aware that many of their customers believed that American-made products offered a higher guarantee of quality. Additionally, it gave the corporate a better understanding of the quality of the best tools the company produces.

How To Judge If DeWalt Was Manufactured In America?

Finding out where your DeWalt tool was made is quick and easy. They now have a stylish badge on their website and device indicating any American manufacturing involvement. A wide range of goods made in the USA is also available in the DeWalt online store.

It is safe to assume that it was built in the United States using parts that were imported because one label says “Made in the USA,” and below it is printed the badge “With Global Materials.” 

There’s a chance that DeWalt will introduce a new brand in the future that will only offer goods made in the US.

Are Dewalt Tools Made In China?

Although some of them are, DeWalt doesn’t only produce its materials there. The Czech Republic, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, and Japan are just a few of the countries that have factories producing DeWalt products. It can be very challenging to pinpoint the exact location of the production of each individual component because it is a multinational corporation.

Because it might be viewed as a trade secret, DeWalt has kept the manufacturing locations of every component a secret. However, the company has consistently emphasized that all manufacturing facilities are held to the same high standards as those found in American facilities.

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Dewalt Power Tools Collection

DeWalt provides over 1,000 power tools for various applications, including automotive, cable cutting and crimping, compressors, drills, dust collection, grinders and polishers, impact drivers and wrenches, multifunction tools, nailers and staplers, and pipe and tubing tools.

Along with making specialty tools and tool combo kits, they also produce pneumatic tools, ratchets, rotary and demolition hammers, routers, planers, joiners, saws, sanders, and screwdrivers.

More than 400 hand tools are also available, including chisels, punches, files, drywall tools, hammers, hand saws, pliers, snips, clamps, vises, knives and blades, manual fastening tools, lasers, layout tools, screwdrivers, hex drivers, wrenches, and mixed toolsets.

DeWalt offers more than 100 outdoor-related products and tools. They sell lawnmowers, cutting and pruning tools, pressure washers, pumps, cleaning fluid, chainsaw oil, hoses, axes, shovels, forks, rakes, and outdoor combination kits.

The DeWalt storage product line includes more than 100 toolboxes, bags, belts, pouches, backpacks, tool trolleys, mobile tool storage, tool bins and organizers, workshop storage racks, and workstations.

DeWalt also provides office equipment such as sawhorses, ladders, worktables, power supplies, extension cords, workspace lighting, protective clothing, fans, heaters, radios, speakers, and portable alarms.

Last but not least, DeWalt also provides a line of mechanical anchors, chemical anchors, direct fasteners, screw fasteners, and design software.

Popular Dewalt Tools Not Made In The USA

  • FlexVolt circular saw kit
  • Died cable crimping tool kit
  • FlexVolt 60V max grinder
  • FlexVolt table saw
  • Sliding miter saw
  • Drywall screwgun
  • Mid-range cordless impact wrench
  • Palm sander

Do Dewalt Tools Work Well?

Your objectives and expectations will determine this. DeWalt still offers a limited warranty on its high-quality goods. 

Even though DeWalt still offers at least a three-year warranty on the majority of its power tools, warranties aren’t as long as they once were. But there are rival companies that impose higher prices.

DeWalt has the advantage of being trustworthy enough for most jobs without requiring a significant investment. It is for this reason that they are preferred by so many construction sites.

Are Dewalt Power Tools: Are They Waterproof?

You should never use a power tool in wet conditions unless it is specifically stated that it is safe to do so, which DeWalt’s isn’t.

Humans who use power tools in wet conditions run the risk of suffering a mild shock or even dying. Your property is at risk for everything from minor damage to total loss due to fire.

DeWalt makes it very clear that, with the exception of their tile saw, none of their tools are waterproof but rather water-resistant. Consequently, they ought to be okay if you accidentally spill your energy drink on them. Just remove the excess with a cloth and give the tool’s interior some time to air dry.

Are Dewalt Power Tools Cordless?

With its battery technology, DeWalt takes great pride. The 60V Max* line, the 20V Max* line, and the 12V Max* line are the three cordless platforms that they provide. They have more than 100 corded tools if you still adore your corded power tools.

A line of 60V Max* power tools are available from DeWalt. A rotary hammer, a cut-off saw, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and a cordless grinder are among the seven tools in this line.

The DeWalt 20V Max* line includes more than 200 tools. The tools it consists of are impact drivers, reciprocating saws, circular saws, wrenches, roofing nailers, grinders, lasers, and hammers/drills.

DeWalt’s 12V Max* line includes a number of tools. They offer several sub-compact tools in their 12V Max* line, including ratchets, oscillating tools, drill/drivers, circular saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, rotary hammers, and bandsaws. The 12V Max* line also features work lights, Bluetooth speakers, inspection cameras, thermometers, and lasers.

Does Dewalt Power Tools Have A Warranty?

Generally speaking, DeWalt tools have a 3-year limited warranty. Any DeWalt failures are covered during the three years, which start on the date of purchase. A one-year warranty against (normal) tool wear and tear is also provided by DeWalt.

When used as intended, some hand tools come with a full lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews Of Dewalt Power Tools

We looked at Lowe’s reviews. Reviews of single power tools—instead of multi-tool combo kits, despite the positive reviews of their combo kits—were the only reviews we took into account. Verified buyers’ reviews were included in the count.

On Lowe’s website, we located close to 30,000 reviews. DeWalt power tools received an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Positive reviews praised the DeWalt tools’ high quality. They have been using DeWalt tools for years and adore and trust them. Most people believed they were strong and athletic.

People praised the features that let you see exactly where you are cutting and the smooth, stable saws for their performance.

Before making a purchase, one reviewer was concerned about the 20V battery life of a circular saw, but he or she was pleasantly surprised by it. The switch from corded to cordless was incredibly popular. Many customers praised the DeWalt tool videos as very helpful – referred to the tool setup after watching as “a piece of cake”.

Prices were a common topic in negative reviews. They objected to having to pay more for the tool and then more for the batteries. Other unfavorable comments concerned particular tool-specific blade options.

Batteries failing was a common complaint in bad reviews. Other complaints state that the tool they bought simply couldn’t complete the task they required because it was underpowered. When calling DeWalt, many people complained about the company’s subpar customer service.

Is It Simple To Maintain Dewalt Power Tools?

Make sure the tool is unplugged or the battery has been removed before cleaning it. Put on some protective gloves and wash your hands.

Any dirty tools should be cleaned with a solution of soap and water, according to DeWalt. Never submerge power tools in water; instead, spritz some soap and water onto a shop towel or sponge and wipe the tools down.

Make sure to avoid getting fluid on the tool’s open surfaces. A cord’s electrical prongs shouldn’t be cleaned, and a cordless device’s battery terminals should be kept dry. The battery pack should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals, and the terminals should never be wet.

Prior to using your power tool after cleaning it, make sure to give it plenty of time to dry.

Batteries that operate at high voltage and with high performance require maintenance. They require some tender loving care.

When a battery starts to feel like its power is dwindling, DeWalt advises that you stop using it. Don’t wait until it is no longer alive. Batteries can be harmed if they are completely discharged. Even after a battery is fully charged, according to DeWalt, it is fine to keep it on the charger. Automatic shut-off features are present on the charging station.

What’s The Best Way To Store Dewalt Power Tools?

If you store power tools in a dry, moderately warm area, they will last longer. By cleaning them up and storing them in their original box or carrying bags over the winter, you can extend the life of your tools. If at all possible, pack the silica gel they came within the box or bag with them.

In the winter, batteries should be kept in a warm, dry location. Batteries need to be transported with caution. Fires can start when keys, coins, and other conductive metal objects come into contact with a battery’s terminals. Think about bringing your DeWalt tool in a carrier bag by itself.


In What Country Are Dewalt Battery Tools Made?

In contrast to the DeWalt Premium, XR, and XRP batteries, which are produced in Japan and Mexico, DeWalt battery tools are primarily made in China. On the other hand, their battery chargers are made in Thailand. DeWalt has yet to produce additional goods in the US, some of which might be batteries.

What Country Makes Dewalt Wrenches?

American, Mexican, and Chinese factories all produce Dewalt wrenches. The 18V Li-ION Impact Wrench is made in China, whereas the Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil is made in the United States. Mexico is the manufacturer of all other impact wrenches.

How Much Do Dewalt Power Tools Cost?

The 120V corded demolition hammer is the most expensive DeWalt tool listed on Lowe’s website. It cost $1,699.

A $119 120V corded orbital sander is the cheapest DeWalt power tool (and not just an accessory).


With seven US-based plants, DeWalt does produce a significant number of American jobs. DeWalt does not, however, manufacture each and every one of its tools here. Some are produced in the Czech Republic, Italy, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and China.

For instance, the growing popularity of cordless devices can be very advantageous to the professional woodworking sector in the United States. Due to the fact that they produce those tools here in the US, they can respond to customer demands more quickly.

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