Who Makes Milwaukee Tools? History Of Milwaukee

Milwaukee Tool

Like many well-known brands, Milwaukee Tools has an obviously American-sounding name, but that isn’t entirely accurate. One of the most well-known tool brands today is Milwaukee, and the company’s products are widely used in the United States.

However, do you know who makes Milwaukee tools? Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. (TTI), ttigroup.com, is a division of Milwaukee Electric Tool that manufactures Milwaukee tools. One of the top brands of this era, the company also manufactures some of their signature tools.

Keep reading, this post includes all information about Milwaukee tools.

Who Makes Milwaukee Tools?

The development, production, and marketing of power tools are the purview of the American corporation Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. Techtronic Industries’ subsidiary owns it. Chinese company Techtronic Industries was founded.

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About Milwaukee Tool Manufacturer

Power Tools, Accessories, and Floorcare for DIY, professional, and industrial users in the infrastructure and home improvement sectors are provided by Techtronic Industries Company Limited, a rapidly growing global leader in these markets.

The company is committed to accelerating the transformation of these industries through the use of superior, environmentally friendly cordless technology. World-renowned TTI brands with a long history of producing cordless products include MILWAUKEE, RYOBI, and HOOVER.

TTI was founded in 1985 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (“SEHK”) in 1990. The Hang Seng Index includes it as a component stock. The company has a strong brand portfolio, with record global sales of US$9.8 billion in 2022 and over 48,000 employees.

Where Are Milwaukee Tools Made?

Fewer than all of Milwaukee’s products are produced here. Their website states that they also have production facilities in China and Europe. Three cities in Mississippi and Brookfield, Wisconsin, are home to their primary American facilities. Jackson, Olive Branch, and Greenwood

A trend that is regrettably becoming increasingly prevalent in the tool industry is going global. Milwaukee Tool is, however, also increasing its manufacturing footprint in the United States in addition to its international expansion.S. In December 2017, they announced a sizable expansion of their factories in Mississippi, resulting in the creation of over 600 new jobs in those cities. This was their fourth expansion in the state since 2012, according to their announcement. Additionally, based on recent facility expansions, they appear to be strongly committed to maintaining a presence in Wisconsin.

These actions are encouraging for Milwaukee and might be a sign of Milwaukee’s recent financial strength because U.Manufacturing in the U.S. typically costs more than manufacturing abroad, where labor and materials are cheaper. Hopefully, Milwaukee Tool will continue to make investments in their U.S.facilities in the future!

Their most well-known goods are currently produced abroad. The majority of their cordless power drill and circular saw models are produced in China. To determine which specific Milwaukee products are made in the USA as opposed to China and other nations, we are currently looking into the rest of their product catalog. If more information becomes available, we’ll update this article.

Milwaukee Tool

Are Milwaukee Tools Made In The USA?

Only a small portion of Milwaukee’s products are produced here. Additionally, they have factories in China and Europe. Their primary American facilities are located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, as well as Greenwood, Jackson, and Olive Branch in the state of Mississippi.

Along with expanding internationally in December of this year, Milwaukee Tool is increasing its domestic manufacturing footprint. They announced a significant expansion of their factories in Mississippi, which will bring over 600 new jobs to those cities.

Recent facility expansions also seem to indicate that they are dedicated to keeping solid roots in Wisconsin. Their most well-known goods, however, are currently produced in another nation. The majority of the world’s cordless power drills and circular saws are produced in China.

Long History Of Milwaukee Tool

The background of Milwaukee Tool is fascinating. It is rife with successes, failures, and ownership shifts. But despite everything, Milwaukee Tool has managed to continue to be resilient.

Before It Started

Milwaukee Tool’s history officially starts in 1918. A compact, lighter-weight version of the ¼” capacity power drill was required by automotive pioneer Henry Ford. A man by the name of A agreed to accept this challenge.H. Petersen.

This problem inspired Petersen to create what would eventually become known as the Hole-Shooter. This tool could be used with just one hand because it weighed only five pounds. The machine had a Westinghouse series-type motor and was capable of handling heavy loads.

Peterson joined forces with business associate Albert F. in 1922. Together, Siebert and the two men founded the A.H. Petersen Company, whose factory regrettably burned down in 1923. This led to a financial setback from which the business was unable to recover, forcing it to close.

From the Start

Seibert bought the company’s remaining assets at auction in 1924. The business was later reopened by Seibert. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation became the new name of the business. The company was headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Hole-Shooter’s improvement was one of the main business objectives at this time. In addition to fixing tools made by other manufacturers, another objective was to gather suggestions for how to improve the tools’ longevity.

The business could determine their clients’ needs by employing this strategy. The tool company could also identify the gaps in the market that needed to be filled. Utilizing this important data, along with extensive research and analysis, resulted in a Hole-Shooter that was now more robust and long-lasting.

Milwaukee Tool-the 1930s

A rating for equipment specifications was given to Milwaukee Tool by the federal government in the 1930s. The tool manufacturer then started creating tools that met US Navy equipment standards. Milwaukee Tool also created their own electric hammers, sanders, polishers, and hand grinders at this time.

The tool company subsequently created a ¾” electric hammer drill. The drill was portable and functional as a regular drill. The success of the earlier hammer led to the quick introduction of a more manageable, shorter, and lighter hammer drill.

When the 1930s came to an end, Milwaukee Tool was well-known among welders. The tool manufacturer was asked to use their knowledge to enhance the lines of metalworking tools that were already available. These upgrades would concentrate more on sanders and grinders, which were used more frequently.

Milwaukee Tool accepted the challenge. An enhanced sander/grinder was created by designers. It was simple to use this tool. The grinder/sander only required one horsepower and weighed fifteen pounds. However, this grinder/sander was resilient enough to take any abuse.

Milwaukee Tool-World War II

Milwaukee Tool was a significant supplier to the US Navy during World War II. During this time, manufacturing experienced a boom. In particular, power tools were in high demand.

Milwaukee Tool worked to create tools that were more potent than those that had previously been made. When making military aircraft, the Hole-Shooter was a crucial tool. The United States Navy placed a sizable number of orders with the tool business because it already had many products produced to Navy standards.

Additionally, Milwaukee Tool’s grinders and sanders received a spring clutch during World War II. This clutch was added, and the unit’s recoil was significantly lessened. Their line of circular saws later included this spring clutch.

Milwaukee Tool-The Late 1940s And The 1950s

The first ½ right angle drill was created and released in 1949 by Milwaukee Tool. With the help of this invention, plumbers and electricians would be able to drill holes in even the smallest of spaces.

When the company introduced the Sawzall, or reciprocating saw, in 1951, it made a significant advancement. This was the first field in which a portable hacksaw’s reciprocating mechanism was added. Along with the new saw, Milwaukee Tool created a line of blades that could cut a variety of materials.

Milwaukee Tool-The 1960s And The 1970s

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Milwaukee Tool experienced consistent growth. During this time, the company grew its selection of goods. Along with that, they moved into bigger spaces.

From its State Street location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the business relocated in 1965. The new headquarters would now be a 212,000-square-foot facility in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

The business first expanded outside of Wisconsin in 1974. This was in response to fresh and significant demand for their products in the Southeast. In addition to their Brookfield facility, the company opened another manufacturing plant of 60,000 square feet in Jackson, Mississippi.

In the 1970s, the tool company also experienced a significant uptick in product development. The Hole Hawg was first offered around this time. This was the original drill of its kind. The drill’s purpose was to create large holes for the studs and joints used in the construction of new homes.

Milwaukee Tool unveiled the Magnum Hole-Shooter not long after the Hole Hawg. This was their first ½-inch professional pistol drill. The company was also the first producer of a 4-1/2″ angle grinder in the US.

The business has been sold numerous times. In 1975, Amstar became their initial buyer. They were sold to Merrill Lynch in 1986. Atlas Copco assumed control in 1995. Techtronic Industries took control in the end, in 2005.

Milwaukee Tool-The 1990s And Beyond

Following two years of testing, Milwaukee Tool released the Super Sawzall on the market in 1991. Along with a built-in counterbalance and gear-protecting clutch, this tool also included five different patents. The Super Sawzall set the benchmark for fast, vibration-free saws.

The business created a brand-new line of miter saws in the 1990s. A line of 18-volt contractor cordless tools was also started to be produced. By using the same battery and charger system, these tools could be powered.

Ice Hardened strengthening technology was developed by the industry titan of tools in 2008. The company’s accessories can now last up to 50% longer than those of their rivals thanks to a process called cryogenic hardening.

The business disclosed plans for additional growth in the US in 2017. The expansions would occur in the company’s three Mississippi facilities located in Jackson, Greenwood, and Olive Branch. Since 2012, the business has undergone four expansions.

Is There A Lifetime Warranty On Milwaukee Tools?

With all of its hand and power tools, Milwaukee guarantees the highest level of quality. So, you would anticipate that their tools would last a long time with minimal issues and flaws. However, you might occasionally notice harm or issues while using the tool as a result of manufacturing flaws.

For all of your Milwaukee tools at that time, you would want to have a good warranty period and servicing capability. Fortunately, Milwaukee provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws for the majority of hand tools.

They offer power tool warranties that range from one to three years, though. As a result, we advise you to visit their official warranty website to learn more about the terms that must be met in order to take advantage of the warranty period as well as its actual duration.

Are Milwaukee Tools Worth Buying?

It takes pride in offering top-notch customer service and has a team of certified technicians on hand to assist. Each and every one of their products are made to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. They frequently provide lifetime customer support when you purchase one of their products.

Making new and improved products that anticipate customer needs is another important goal of Champion Power Equipment. They recently released Dual Fuel technology and remote start for portable generators, showing how dedicated they are to product innovation.

Along with their extensive selection of portable generators, they also produce engines, winches, and log splitters for home use.

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Prior to 1924, Milwaukee Tool was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a manufacturer of American power tools. The business has a long history of manufacturing power tools for American tradespeople. Techtronic Industries (TTI)’s subsidiary has been that.


Power tools are sold by the American company DeWalt to the global manufacturing, construction, and woodworking industries. The parent company of the DeWalt brand is Stanley Black & Decker. This parent company is the owner of a number of brands, including Irwin Tools, Craftsman, Lenox, and others.



In Brookfield, Wisconsin, the company conducts the majority of its research and development. Worldwide, but primarily in Asia, Mexico, Europe, and the US, Milwaukee Tool and its parent company, TTI, manufacture tools and accessories.


Recently, the company has made some strides toward moving more of its manufacturing back—at least partially—to the United States. DeWalt made the announcement in December 2013 that it would assemble some products in the US using components from Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, the UK, and the US.

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In general, Milwaukee Tools is a little more expensive on average after reviewing and using hundreds of tools from both companies. The company’s emphasis on specialized trade tools is to blame for this.

Additionally, the advanced, higher-capacity batteries in their cordless tool kits are more prevalent. When you take the quantity of extremely trade-specific tools into account, the pricing skews slightly upward. For those tools in the lower price ranges, DeWalt might provide a few more options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Milwaukee and DeWalt the same company?

Both Milwaukee Tool and Dewalt are owned by Techtronic Industries (TTI), while Stanley Black & Decker owns Dewalt. There is no discernible cross-pollination, collaboration, or collaboration between these businesses.

Are all Milwaukee tools made in china?

Only a small percentage of Milwaukee’s products are produced here. According to their website, they also have manufacturing facilities in China and Europe. However, for the time being, their most well-known products are produced abroad. Their circular saws and cordless power drills are primarily manufactured in China.