Where Are Kobalt Tools Made? Things You Should Know

Kobalt Tools

One of the leading manufacturers of excellent hand and power tools is Kobalt.

Where are Kobalt tools made? Since 2020, the company Rexon Industrial Corporation has been manufacturing Kobalt Miter saws and accessories in Taiwan while other power tools are made in China.

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Who Makes Kobalt tools?

One of their own brands, Lowe’s is the owner of Kobalt. The Lowe’s and Kobalt joint venture, Masters Home Improvement, used the Kobalt tool brand as its house brand over other tool brands before going out of business.

Lowe’s owns the Kobalt brand, but a different company handles the manufacturing when it comes to those particular tools.

The Danaher Corporation produced Kobalt tools for Lowe’s up until 2003 as a manufacturing partner. Chevron, the 2020 Lowe’s Vendor Partner of the Year for the Tools division, is now the manufacturer of Kobalt tools.

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Kobalt Tools

Where Are Kobalt Tools Made?


Due to the larger facilities here, the majority of Kobalt brand tools are produced in Taiwan. It is clear that Taiwan always offers cutting-edge facilities to industries. And yes, this is why the nation is frequently referred to as an industrial cluster. When making their miter saws, Kobalt works with the local Rexon Industrial Corporation company.

They exported the product to suitable markets around the world after transferring it to the US for manufacturing. However, occasionally they ship the goods directly from Taiwan to other nations. Despite producing goods for Kobalt, Rexon consistently encourages quality assurance.

The internal engineers passed and issued the tag after examining the product’s functionality, quality, and other factors. To proceed with Taiwanese manufacturing, Kobalt follows the entire process. And yes, Kobalt is consistently given amazing deals and the highest-quality production by the industrial corporation in Taiwan.

Kobalt Tools’ ability to work with other businesses has been made clear by recent analytics and the way the Taiwanese market has responded to the company’s products. This is done in order to increase production at the right time and satisfy customer demand.

United States

The United States was where Kobalt initially began producing its products, as we have already mentioned. Its manufacturing division and facilities for developing new products are located here. Miter saws are now produced by Rexon in Taiwan as of 2020, but a number of hand tools are still produced in the USA.

The owner of the Kobalt brand, Lowe’s, has confirmed that they are promoting American manufacturing of hand tools and some cordless tools in their own location. Tools are frequently produced by their nearby suppliers in the market. The final checks are still handled independently, as is the case in Taiwan.

Mooresville, North Carolina, in the United States, serves as the home office for Kobalt. They conduct product design, material and quality inspections, and export to all countries while taking the market’s response into account.

Although the nation offers Kobalt dozens of incredible production facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and much more, it is unclear why the company has chosen to move to proper manufacturing in Asia. As a result of the growth rate, according to some internal resources, it might be a business decision.


In addition to the aforementioned nations, Canada also produces Kobalt tools. Only the introduction of power tools, as opposed to hand tools, is different in this production. In light of the response from the various markets, Kobalt is promoting manufacturing here and supplying them.

One of the top three hottest markets for Kobalt tools is the Canadian market.


One of the top restaurants in North America, it has distinctive geographical characteristics. And indeed, this is the reason Kobalt has partnered with the manufacturing sector here. A few legitimate businesses are collaborating with this business to create power tools. In order to cut down on transportation costs, Kobalt deals with the direct transfer of goods from this region to the relevant nations.

It has been observed that Kobalt has received excellent responses from the Mexican market in recent years. Yes, that is why it has led to a rise in the nation’s production demands.


China is the top nation in Asia that can assist industries in enhancing their production, promoting revenue growth and economic growth. Kobalt made the decision to support the production of the power tools here after carefully considering all the factors.

China is the second country, after Taiwan, to significantly increase the value of Kobalt’s overall production. As directed by the business, authorized corporations in this area handle the production, design, and other issues. Additionally, the company exports its goods from this region to the entirety of Asia.

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What Kind Of Tools Does Kobalt Manufacture?

Kobalt manufactures a wide variety of tools for Lowe’s under the Lowe’s house brand. Kobalt’s tool lineup includes a sizable number of items, many of which can be found at Lowe’s.

Both corded and cordless power tools, such as table saws, sanders, impact wrenches, drills, drivers, routers, and batteries, are produced by Kobalt. Kobalt makes air tools as well, including air compressors and air grinders.

Among the outdoor tools produced by Kobalt are lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and sprayers. Kobalt also produces a variety of hand tools, such as utility knives, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, and torque wrenches. Additionally, the Kobalt tools brand sells hand tools for mechanics.

While Kobalt tools produced for Lowe’s can’t match the best tool brands available, they are still of higher quality than many other brands without adding any additional cost.

Final Words

They are made by Chervon, a company that supplies Lowe’s with Kobalt tools. Although Lowe’s owns Kobalt and counts it as one of its own brands, it does not produce its own tools instead sourcing them from nations like Taiwan and China.

You can learn more about Kobalt’s relationships with manufacturers and the location of the company’s manufacturing facility in the article above.

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