Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made? Who Makes Gearwrench Tools?

Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made

There are 200 or so monthly searches for this question. They do indeed all enter “where are Gearwrench tools made” in the search bar. Well, we could sum up the response in a single word. But we thought of getting deeper into the search.

As you know, Gearwrench is a subsidiary of the Apex Tools Group, and they mainly manufacture tools in Taiwan. Nonetheless, they also have production facilities in China.

People also want to know about the Gearwrench brand’s dependability, value, and credibility. Therefore, we will provide answers to each of these queries in this article.

Gearwrench History

Before we begin, let’s look at the Gearwrench history for a bit.

A tool company called KD Tools was established in 1919 by two inventors. In 1965, the company founded its factory in Taiwan. The site is now known as Apex Tool Taiwan. In 1995 the GearWrench brand was founded in Taiwan. The factory in Taiwan also produced the first Gearwrench rachets.

The company celebrated selling 100 millionth wrench in 2002. Gearwrench began occasionally going beyond its limit after that. But unlike other brands, this brand has taken some societal responsibility. For instance, Gearwrench has been offering technical education since 2009.

Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made?

Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made

Well, these tools are made in the factories of the Apex tool group. And the Apex Tool Group has been producing its goods in Taiwan. However, in recent times, some of the tools may be made in China.

It might be assumed that Taiwanese and Chinese goods cannot be distinctive. However, the manufacturing process at Apex Tool Group is strictly under control. The products’ quality cannot be compromised in any way.

The locations of the Apex factories in China and Taiwan are also intentional. There, labor is reasonably priced. Although the manufacturing process is now largely automated, it is simpler there. In addition, there are some financial advantages to locating the factory there.

Long story short, the tolls are made in either China or Taiwan. However, the quality of these tools is unaffected by their country of origin. Instead, as a result of this, the company can innovate with these high-quality tools.

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Who Makes Gearwrench Tools?

Apex Tool Group is the main owner, designer, and manufacturer of Gearwrench tools. Gearwrench, the subsidiary brand of Apex Tool Group, excels in mending professional tools for aerospace, automotive, industrial, heavy construction, and other sectors.

Additionally, the company sells some hand tools for non-commercial use at home and on DIY projects.

Although it has grown to be a well-known tool brand in the American industry, Gearwrench isn’t a venerable name in the toolset industry. It is actually one of the more recent entrants into the tool industry, having been founded in 1996.

A five-degree ratcheting wrench was their initial creation, which they also produced. With this first patent, the business became immediately well-known among specialists in various fields. Only professionals were initially served by them when they produced and distributed ratcheting wrenches.

Who Sells Gearwrench?

Many people ask, who sells Gearwrench tools? Well, there are several sellers. In fact, you can find a list of 8 online retailers to purchase your tool on the Gearwrench official website. In addition, you can view the tools on a specific page on Amazon.

The tools are manufactured by Apex Tools Group and are provided to these merchants. Additionally, these retailers offer the tools to customers at a variety of price points.

Are Gearwrench Tools Good?

Now, we’ve come to the central part. Do these tools work well? How much better are these if they are good? We need to dig deeper in order to respond to that.

Gearwrench is always willing to raise the bar. On their website, they claim that their tool innovations are game changers. And these, in our opinion, are the game-changers.

First, the patent for a 5-degree ratcheting wrench was originally owned by GearWrench. They submitted the patent in 1996, and as a result, they climbed the ladder to fame.

The traditional wrench’s handle was redesigned. Users had more grip than ever thanks to the updated design. Additionally, only their 120XP trademark rachet—which gives 120 positions for each complete rotation—is available.

And the best part is their hand tools come with a lifetime warranty. So yes, tools are useful.

Tekton Vs Gearwrench: Which Tool Brand is Better?

Both professionals and DIYers love and trust the tool brands Tekton and Gearwrench. But whose tools are more effective?

Firstly, Gearwrench tools are known for their speed, accuracy, and amazing prowess. Professionals use them mainly for medium to heavy-duty works. Socket wrenches, ratchet wrenches, and screwdrivers are some of their most popular tools.

Since they focus on making only a few specific tools, they have developed superior skills in manufacturing them.

Also, over the past 20 years, as the VP of Marketing of North American Hand Tools, Ray Smith said in 2017, “One of the leading tool manufacturers over the past 20 years with the fastest growth is Gearwrench.” It has been made possible due to its amazing product quality, competent customer care, and high-performing tools.

Furthermore, the standard wrench handle has been completely redesigned by Gearwrench. In addition, the 120X wrench is only produced by this business. The fact that this wrench can be moved into 120 different positions is what benefits users the most.

So, when it comes to who offers better service or quality, Tekton or Gearwrench are tied. You can rely on both tool manufacturers and experience an equally satisfying performance. Gearwrench, however, has the advantage thanks to its cutting-edge products and capability for heavy-duty industrial uses.

Final Verdict: Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made

As the discussion suggests, Apex Tool Group makes Gearwrench tools. One of the top producers of industrial tools is Apex Tool Group, which has over 20 different tool brands.

Because you now have all the knowledge you require regarding Gearwrench’s tools. And based on that, you can judge whether or not the country of origin matters.

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Is Gearwrench Made by Snap-on?

Gearwrench tools which are subsidiary of a much larger tool brand (Apex Tools) are not made by Snap-On nor affiliated with Snap-On in 2019.

Are Gearwrench Tools Lifetime Warranty?

Gearwrench is warranted for life to be free of defects in material and workmanship.

Was GearWrench Ever Made in USA?

Despite what others say with seeming authority, some Gearwrench tools have been made in the US, and possibly still are.

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