What’s A Skate Tool? Why Do You Need To Buy Skate Tool?

skate tool

You will eventually need to perform some maintenance on your skateboard, whether it be changing out parts, creating a new setup, tightening or releasing your trucks, or tightening nuts and bolts. Then, a skate tool will be required.

Any skater needs to have skate tools. The bolts on a skateboard are tightened and loosened with the aid of a tiny, handheld skate tool.

Without having to go back home or go for a walk to the closest skate shop, you can fix, swap out, or tweak hardware components wherever you are. You can find out more about it if you keep reading.

What Is A Skate Tool?

A small, portable tool made specifically for skateboarding is known as a skateboard tool. Typically, it consists of a handle and a variety of heads, each of which is intended to serve a particular function. For instance, one head might be used to tighten skateboard trucks, and another might be used to adjust wheels.

A skateboard tool can be a great way to express your individual style in addition to being a necessary piece of equipment for skating. You can choose a skateboard tool that matches your skateboard setup in a variety of colors and styles. Anyone who enjoys skating should own a skateboard tool, regardless of how experienced they are or how new to the sport they are.

The majority of skate shops sell skateboard tools, which are a necessary piece of gear for any skateboarder. No matter your level of experience, having a skateboard tool on hand will make maintaining your skateboard much simpler.

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Who Made The Skate Tool?

The skateboard market took off in 1975, as Al Hess saw. He ran a machine shop at the time, and there was no specific tool for assembling a skateboard. It needed numerous sockets and screwdrivers instead. Hess was confident that he could create the first tool that could perform every task required for skateboard assembly.

In 1977, he submitted a patent application, and the first skate tool was created. In a short period of time, Hess’ skate tool rose to the top of the market, and skaters all over the world continue to use it today.

The Reason Why You Need A Skate Tool

Why buy a skate tool when all you need to fix a skateboard are ten other tools? It goes without saying that you don’t want to carry around all those tools, and they are also simple to misplace. Here are a few justifications for our recommendation of skate tools.

1. More Economical

A skate tool costs $20 to $40.  (I got mine on sale for $13)  If you were to purchase each of the 10 tools separately, the total cost would likely be between $50 and $100.  However, the majority of wrenches dies, and screwdrivers are sold in sets rather than individually. As a result, you would have a wrench set, a die set, an Allen wrench set, and a screwdriver set.  

Purchasing all of these additional tools is pointless if you don’t need them. It’s likely that you already have the majority of them if you do need them for other purposes.

2. Convenient To Use

Except for the knife, skate tools contain all the necessary tools in a single, lightweight tool.  It is simple to tuck it away in a backpack pocket or the glove compartment of your car to bring to the skatepark.  Carrying 10 tools around is difficult.  You can’t fit them in your backpack because they are bulky and heavy.

3. Good Quality

Skate tools from reputable retailers like Silver, Reflex, Independent, Rush, etc. are of high quality and last for a very long time.  You get what you pay for when buying skate tools, just like when buying skateboard accessories.  It’s probably for a reason that they are the cheapest to stay away from unidentified brands.

What Does A Skate Tool Have?

The specific tools on a skateboard can differ slightly. However, nearly all are fully outfitted with:

  • 3/8&Socket for your bolts; prime.
  • 9/16″ socket to quickly tighten or loosen your trucks.
  • 1/2&To tighten your wheels, prime a socket.
  • a removable Allen wrench with 1/8″ and 7/32″
  • screwdriver with a Philips’s head.

An axle re-threader and a bearing press are two extras that other skate tools might have.

Do Skate Tools Pay Off?

You can save a lot of time assembling the various parts and maintaining individual parts by using a skate tool, so it is worthwhile. They don’t take up much room and are an important piece of equipment that every serious skater should have.

However, not all skate equipment is created equal. A high-quality tool, such as the Silver Skate Tool, makes it easy to quickly assemble or repair a board while a cheap tool can be frustrating to use.

Without A Skate Tool, Can A Skateboard Be Put Together?

The only thing that makes up a skate tool is a collection of useful tools. To install all the hardware and adjust it to your preferences if you don’t have a skate tool on hand, you’ll need 9/16″, 1/2″, and 3/8″, as well as a Philips head screwdriver.

Maintaining this can be difficult, especially if you are constantly on the go. A skate tool guarantees that you always have the appropriate tools close at hand, allowing you to make adjustments as needed.

To replace the bushings or adjust the kingpin tension, you can access the trucks. The axle nuts can also be tightened or loosened using the skate tool. Additionally, you can use the skate tool to remove your wheels and store them when you’re done skating for the day. An essential piece of gear for skaters of all skill levels is a skate tool.

Are All Skate Tools The Same? Any Different?

Skate tools come in a wide variety, giving you many options. There are multi-purpose tools that can do anything from tightening your trucks to pop your wheels off.

Additionally, there are more specialized instruments made for a single task, such as mounting hardware or changing bearings. Whatever type of skate tool you require, there is undoubtedly a solution available. The fact that not all skate equipment is created equally must be remembered, though.

Some are higher quality than others, and some work better at specific jobs. The best tool for the job should be chosen after careful research. There is no justification for settling for a subpar skate tool when there are so many options available.

Steps To Use A Skate Tool

Using a skate tool may seem difficult if you are a beginner skater. But don’t worry, it’s really quite easy.

The fundamental steps are as follows:

  • Find the appropriate size socket for your bolts and screws.
  • Into the skate tool, insert the socket.
  • Turning counterclockwise while applying pressure with the tool will loosen the screw or bolt.
  • Turn counterclockwise if you need to tighten.
  • It’s simple to lose track of screws and bolts when they’re lying on the ground, so be sure to keep an eye on your hardware as you work.
  • Before skating, tighten all hardware to the recommended specifications.
  • Apply more pressure until the screw or bolt budgets if you’re finding it difficult to tighten or loosen it.
  • Avoid using too much force to avoid damaging the skateboard’s hardware or the skateboard itself.

Simply put, that is everything. You can quickly become an expert at using your skate tool with just a little practice.

Recommendations For Skate Tool

We tested the Independent tool and the Silver tool, so we are recommending them here. Both are excellent options, but we prefer the Silver. Cheap tools typically break easily and don’t last very long. A higher-quality skate tool is advised, just like regular tools. What you pay for is what you get.

Independent Skate Tool

A single device that does it all.  This tool offers every function imaginable.  You will never require another tool; this one is it.  The only drawback is that it sticks out a little from your bag due to its bulkiness. It was just a little bothersome, I thought.

  • 3/8″ socket for your bolts
  • 9/16″ socket to easily tighten or loosen your truck
  • 1/2″ socket to tighten your wheels
  • removable Allen wrench with 1/8″ and 7/32″ plus Philipps head screwdriver
  • axle rethreaded
  • bearing press/remover

Silver Skate Tool

Ruben and I both carry this.  It is reasonably priced, portable, well-made, and has all the features I require.  It fits snugly in the pocket of my backpack.  My favorite system for tightening bolts is the ratchet and griptape system.  I’ll use the Independent tool if I ever need a rethreaded.

This will save you a ton of time when compared to a cheap tool. Changing out parts will go much more quickly. You can tell the quality of the tool as soon as you take it out of the packaging because it feels really sturdy. However, it does not include a rethreaded.

  • Skateboard tool in metallic silver from Silver Trucks.
  • Two-way ratchet mechanism
  • 9/16, 3/8, and 1/2″ sockets.
  • Top grip tape file.
  • An attachable screwdriver that is removable.
  • Axle and kingpin tool
  • Allen attachment, the kingpin.

Standard T-tool

Your basic skate tool is this.  They can be found in a variety of manufacturers and do the job.  

They are portable and small, but they lack ratchets, files, and bearing presses.  They are the least expensive choice, so if you tend to misplace things like this, they might be the best choice.

The Price Of A Skateboard Tool

When used properly, skateboarding equipment is very affordable and lasts a lifetime.

You can buy a skateboarding tool, also known as a T-tool, for $6 to $30 at your neighborhood skate shop or online from merchants like Amazon. In the course of its lifespan, the tool won’t experience much wear and tear, and you probably won’t ever need to buy a new one. While the more expensive skateboarding equipment costs $15+ and is entirely made of aluminum or steel, the lower-end and less expensive skateboarding equipment frequently have a plastic body.

An investment in a skateboarding tool won’t break the bank, and the ease and convenience of the tool make it worthwhile.


A skateboarding tool is a multifunctional tool that you can use to assemble or modify your skateboard. They are also referred to as “T-tools” and are incredibly affordable and practical. Since this is a tool that won’t see much use over its lifetime, there isn’t much of a difference in brands. 

No matter what kind of skate tool you need, there is definitely an option out there for you. You will likely buy one and never replace it.