How to Use Wire Stripping Tool? Step-by-step Guide

How to Use Wire Stripping Tool

Looking for how to use wire stripping tool? If so, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Choosing the appropriate tool for your job is a crucial matter. Electrical operations are important and responsible work for some people because bad wiring systems can harm people or cause damage.

One of the most important tools for removing wire insulation is a wire stripper. You can learn everything there is to know about wire stripping tools if you keep reading.

What is a Wire Stripper?

A wire stripper is a hand tool used to cut away the jacket, or protective covering, from electrical wires.

Wire strippers assist electricians by exposing the wire for new applications or repairs by removing the jacket from the wire.

How to Use Wire Stripping Tool?

Although different manufacturers offer different versions of the tool, the process for stripping wires is largely the same with each tool.

This is the process for the standard or combination-style tool:

Determine the Wire Gauge and Type

How to Use Wire Stripper

Determine the gauge of the copper wire that needs to be stripped. This is located on the outermost sheathing that connects multiple wires inside NM cables (nonmetallic sheathed cables).

The first number in a number like 12/2, for instance, is the wire gauge (12 in this case). Also take note of the type of copper wire—stranded or solid.

Match the Wire to the Tool

Ensure that the wire stripper’s labeled hole corresponds to the wire gauge. This step is crucial because if you choose a hole that’s too big, the insulation won’t be completely cut and you’ll have trouble stripping it; if you choose a hole that’s too small, the wire might be nicked or even severed entirely.

Open the Wire Stripper and Seat the Wire

Disengage the wire stripper handles. “Seat” the wire into one side of the proper hole. To stop them from moving any further, gradually press the handles together.

The wire’s insulation will be cut by this action.

Twist the Tool (if Needed)

You might need to carefully rotate the wire inside the hole (or the wire stripper around the wire, whichever is easier) if the wire insulation does not completely cut.

You only need to rotate a quarter turn in one direction and then back.

Strip the Insulation

To remove the insulation, move the wire stripper closer to the wire’s cut end.

Similar to taking a sock off a foot, this action. While the other hand tightly grips the tool’s handles, some users find it most convenient to push against the tool with their thumb on the hand that is holding the wire.

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Types of Wire Strippers

How to Use Wire Stripping Tool

Firstly, when you start working with wires, you should determine what type of strippers to choose. You should be aware that a squeeze calls for the use of scissors or a knife. To avoid damaging the wire and to make your work go much more quickly and smoothly, you must select the right tool.

Adjustable wire strippers is the tool of a simple design, with a single notch in blades. A stop screw on the tool allows you to cut the wire to the appropriate thickness.

Self-adjusting wire strippers automatically adjust to various levels of wire thickness. These strippers speed up and simplify the work because you don’t need to make adjustments all the time.

Automatic wire strippers that are gauged have characteristics of both gauged and self-adjusting strippers. The tool lets you select the ideal wire size, and after the cut, it returns to its default position.

The advantages of a combination tool like a wire stripper and cutter depend on the task they are used for. Such a tool has sharp edges for cutting, as well as notched holes for proper stripping. Since the tool is two in one, you don’t need to change it.

A hand switch or sensor is all that is required to control the speed of a pneumatic wire stripper. For those who work with large-volume electrical devices with gauged wires, this equipment is ideal.

The hardness of the work you’ll be doing should also influence the kind of wire strippers you use. If you plan to cut a lot of wires, pick a strong, reliable tool that won’t sever or harm the wire.

Is It Difficult to Use Wire Strippers?

No, it’s not difficult to use wire strippers. In fact, anyone can use wire strippers because the process is so straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use wire strippers:

  • You must first gather your tools. You will require a set of pliers, a sharp knife, and a pair of wire strippers.
  • After that, take the wire you wish to strip and place it between the wire strippers’ jaws.
  • The wire insulation will then be cut by the wire strippers’ blades as you tightly squeeze the handles together.
  • To remove the insulation, simply pull the wire strippers away from the wire. You can use the knife to delicately cut away any remaining insulation that is on the wire.

The use of wire strippers is limited to that. You can strip wires like a pro in no time with a little practice.

Final Thoughts: How to Use Wire Stripping Tool

When you know how to use a wire stripper, you can cut wires cleanly without nicking or breaking them. Keep this in your toolbox because you never know when you’ll need it for electrical work.

With enough practice, you’ll be able to strip wires like a pro in no time. We are sincerely grateful that you took the time to read.

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