How To Use Snipping Tool On Chromebook? Updated 2022

Snipping Tool On Chromebook

Even though there are numerous screenshot tools available in the Chrome Store, many new ChromeOS users are still searching for some sort of snipping tool. You might be wondering how to use snipping tool on Chromebook if you use a Chromebook or Google Chrome OS.

Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Switch Window will turn your mouse cursor into a crosshair, allowing you to simply drag the area you want to capture by sniping on a Chromebook.

For more information on snipping tools, keep reading.

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What Is A Snipping Tool?

You can take a full or partial screenshot of any area of your Chromebook’s display using the handy snipping tool.

It works well for quickly taking screenshots of a small portion of the screen, like a few words, a picture, or a meme.

The memes shouldn’t be ignored.

You’ll find that taking screenshots comes in handy more often than you think if you use a Chromebook for work or school.


How To Use Snipping Tool On Chromebook?

  • Hold down CTRL while selecting Show Windows. There are two lines and a rectangle in the show window.
  • As soon as you issue this command, the cursor changes to a crosshair icon that can be used as a sniping tool.
  • It will instruct you to drag it and choose the designated area that you want to take a screenshot of.
  • It will capture the area as you drag and then leave the designated area, then pop up in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • The file will be saved under “My Files” in the downloads section, but you can also check it by clicking the pop-up window.

How To Snip In Google Docs?

Use the built-in tool only. No separate extension is required for Google Docs. With it, you can easily screen capture.

You can download a third-party extension from the Chrome Web Store if the default one isn’t sufficient or doesn’t provide the functionality you require.

Extensions ought to function because Google Docs uses Chrome. And from a document, spreadsheet, slide, etc., you can then directly clip any text you want.

The right-click menu does not allow you to cut, copy, or paste in Google Docs (note that this has been fixed in more recent versions).

The hotkey commands CTRL+C, CTRL+V, or CTRL+X work. It is somewhat irritating that you need to purchase the add-on for it to be useful.

The snipping tool and Chrome extensions like PicFlip and Screenshot Tool can both be used to quickly capture a paragraph of text.

Sadly, I was unable to locate any Add-Ons in Docs that perform any screen clipping. Leave a comment if you can think of any.

However, I believe it to be too much for the average user.

Do you have an add-on that is specific to the Google Suite of tools, a Chrome extension that is specific to Chrome, and a base tool that is specific to Chrome OS? Yikes.

How To Capture A Specific Window On A Chromebook?

You can take a screenshot of a specific window on a Chromebook, but not the entire display or the taskbar. Simply carry out the instructions.

  • Press the Show window key while holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys.
  • Below the screen, a screenshot toolbar will show up.
  • In a square shape, select the third icon from the right.
  • When the cursor changes to a camera icon, move the camera to the window you want to capture and select “capture” from the menu.
  • This will only record the desired window area and not the entire screen.

How To Screenshot On A Dell, Samsung, Or Chromebook?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a Chromebook made by HP, Acer, Dell, Samsung, or any other manufacturer.

Assuming everyone is using the same version of the same OS (ChromeOS), everything functions as it should.

The manufacturer, brand, model, etc. all don’t matter since the operating system is the same.

This is comparable to asking “How do I screenshot on iPhone 12 vs. 13?” Since they share the same OS, they function similarly. (Maybe a better example would have been to use Android.)

Did you know that you can link your phone to your Chromebook so you can receive and send texts directly from your phone?

That plus a great LTE connection equals success.

To easily clip your screen, follow the directions in the previous section of this guide.

What To Do If Snipping Tool Isn’t Working On Chromebook?

Here are some suggestions for how to fix the snipping tool if it isn’t functioning:

Install the most recent Chrome version on your Chromebook.

Google frequently releases updates that address numerous bugs. The security of your device is also enhanced by it.

A Chromebook update might be required if something is broken.

In particular, if it hasn’t been completely shut down or restarted in a while, this may happen. Updates require a complete reboot of Chrome OS.

Occasionally, a clean restart will make the tool work again.

To completely restart your Chromebook, use the menu. This DOES NOT entail merely closing the lid and then opening it again.

That doesn’t eliminate any lingering data or glitchy bugs that might be present in the RAM, cache, or other components.

It must be fully powered off before being restarted. Additionally, this will enable your system to download fresh updates.

Make sure you have the most recent version of any Chrome extensions you use if you use snipping tools. The update changelog can be viewed by visiting the extension page and looking at the version history.

If you have the most recent version, restart Chrome and then see if the tool resolves the issue.

If not, leave a comment on the extension’s page to alert the developer that a bug exists. Give a thorough explanation of the bug.

If the developer is somewhat active, they will address the issue, fix it, and then release an update.

Where To Take Screenshots?

  • You can take a screenshot by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + S.”
  • Take a screenshot of the open window by pressing the “P” key.
  • To take a screenshot of the entire screen, press the keys “Ctrl + Shift + U.”
  • Take a screenshot of the open window and the Windows taskbar by pressing the keys “Ctrl + Shift + L.”
  • To capture the entire screen as well as the Windows taskbar, press the keys “Ctrl + Shift + U.”
  • Take a screenshot of both the active window and the entire screen by pressing the keys “Ctrl + Shift + F.”
  • Ctrl + Shift + F is the shortcut for taking.

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How to take a full-page Screenshot on Chromebook?

To take a full page screenshot you will need to know the keyboard shortcut press Ctrl + Switch Window and it will take a full page Screenshot.

Can I install Snipping Tool on my Chromebook or Google Chrome OS?

You cannot install a third-party app on a Chromebook or run one on Chrome OS. You will need to take a screenshot or a screen capture using the built-in tool.

What about clipping items that are not in Chrome?

Alternatively, you can add one to your Chromebook using the Google Play store. I am unable to screenshot anything that is outside of Chrome because apps downloaded through Chrome will only function in the Chrome browser.

On your Chromebook, apps downloaded from the Google Play Store should function everywhere, allowing you to screenshot other apps you’re using, games, videos, pictures, text, memes, Discord, Skype, Slack, or Zoom.

The Bottom Line

The Snipping Tool is a straightforward tool that can be used with Google Chrome OS and the Chromebook.

Now that you have your screenshot, you can use it without having to install any third-party tools. If this article was helpful in any way, please consider sharing it on social media. This will save the time of many people who are searching for information on how to use the snipping tool on a Chromebook because ChromeOS is becoming more popular.

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