How To Make A Balloon Arch? Step By Step Guide

Balloon Arch

To add a stunning statement to any party or celebration, a lovely balloon arch is an ideal solution. A DIY balloon arch is an ideal decoration for any event, including dinner parties, baby showers, welcome parties, and birthday celebrations.

The common balloon, however, has been transformed into a lovely art form that enables you to create opulent and sophisticated backdrops thanks to the explosion of the balloon arch and garland trend.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to make a balloon arch. It’s easier than it looks and it packs a lot of visual wow factor!

DIY Balloon Arch Materials & Tools

  • Balloons– Have fun choosing your colors, and think about including patterned balloons in your design.
  • Balloon Pump– A balloon pump will expedite the process and make things much easier for you even though it is not required.
  • Fishing Line– Your balloon arch’s frame will be made of a fishing line. Any size roll should do the trick. Make sure to purchase a clear fishing line so that once your arch is put together, you can’t see it.
  • Blunt Needle– String the balloons collectively using a blunt needle. It makes the procedure safer so that you won’t prick your finger!
  • Low-Temperature Glue Gun– Add more balloons with some glue to complete the arch.
  • Fresh Flowers and Foliage– Your visitors will be impressed by the natural touch these will add.
  • Hooks– If you don’t care about the area where the finished product will be hung getting damaged, use sticky hooks or metal hooks with a hammer and nails.
  • Scissors– In order to hang your arch and enjoy your finished product, the fishing line must be cut. Keep some handy! Read More on how to sharpen scissors.
  • Clear Shipping Tape– Always err on the side of caution. If something goes wrong, a simple fix can be made using clear shipping tape.
  • Balloon Tier– It simplifies the tying process.

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Steps To Make A Balloon Arch

Step 1: Decide On How Many Balloons You’ll Need

I chose to inflate 12 balloons of each color because I wanted a fairly large balloon arch. That amounted to 96 balloons. I purchased several packs of 9″ balloons to add to the large 12-balloon multipack that I had previously purchased.

How big you blow up your balloons and how tightly you pack them on the plastic strips, for example, will both have an impact on the size of your balloon arch. My balloons come in a variety of sizes and are packed quite tightly.

So consider that when estimating the number of balloons you’ll require for your arch. Purchase more than you anticipate needing!

Step 2: Inflate Balloons

I inflated the balloons myself, but depending on your unique situation, you might want to use a hand pump inflator. I blew up all 12 of a single color, took a break, and then resumed.

I also advise blowing the balloons up to different sizes. I inflated the balloons to a range of sizes, including large, medium, and small, using both 12 and 9 prime-size balloons. I then set aside two miniature balloons of each color to be used as filler after I was finished.

Step 3: Thread Balloons Onto The Diy Balloon Arch Tape

It’s SO simple to use this balloon tape. It is merely a rigid plastic strip with holes in it. Depending on the size of your balloons and how full you want the arch to be, you don’t necessarily need to fill every hole.

Not even the arch’s stability needs to be a concern. The strip will twist on its own as you insert the balloons. Actually, the arch is quite stable as a result of this; in fact, my arch formed naturally as I strung the balloons.

Don’t thread the balloons on the strip as tightly together if you want your arch to be more flexible. Once the balloons are on, everything will make more sense. You can do it, I assure you.

Until you’re finished, I also advise against cutting the plastic strip. That way, if your design turns out to be larger than you had anticipated, you won’t be shortchanged.

This is how the arch’s interior will appear. You can reposition the balloons once you’ve threaded them all on to fill in any gaps and conceal this interior space. Additionally, the balloons in the holes remained steady.

As you can see, I didn’t really follow a pattern when I used the holes. Despite my best efforts to keep the balloons as close to one another as possible for a super full appearance, I occasionally had to skip one or two holes due to the size of the balloons.

Step 4: Fill In Balloon Gaps

The next step is to close up any balloon gaps that allow you to see the less appealing interior. The balloon arch can be mounted before you do this, but I suggest waiting until the arch is in place.

Why? Because you can slightly adjust the balloons to fill in some of these gaps. You’ll be able to see exactly where the eyesores are once the arch is in place. Mine is in my daughter’s room, against a wall.

To stick it in place, you can use the following methods:

  • Balloon glue, which came with the plastic strip set
  • Tape if it’s strong enough
  • Command hooks and string

The balloon glue is what I used. I only needed to keep an eye on which balloons touched the wall to keep everything in place. In order to attach the balloons to the wall, I added a small amount of extremely strong balloon glue.

Despite being incredibly strong and sticky, this material is very simple to remove. The wall was unharmed. However, if you’re concerned about that possibility, you should definitely perform a spot test first.

Balloon Arch

Tips For Making Balloon Arch

  1. When making your own DIY balloon arch, be sure to use high-quality latex balloons; otherwise, they won’t withstand the pulling and twisting needed to secure the garland and will probably pop. Cheap latex balloons are not only bad for the environment, but once they are inflated, the color variation will be apparent and they won’t last very long. By using high-quality balloons, you can be sure that the color will be constant and that your balloon arch will continue to look lovely throughout the party.
  2. To give your stunning display a special touch and wow factor, add accessories to the balloon arch, such as flowers, foliage, paper flowers, or ribbons. Once the balloon garland has been put together and installed, add these extras. Fresh items should be added on the day of the event to avoid them wilting.
  3. At your disposal is everything you need to begin assembling. Make sure your command hooks or equivalent are set up and that you have chosen where you want to hang the balloon arch before moving on to the next step. Get your scissors, string, or wire ready, and have all the balloons on hand to make the process as simple as possible.


Do I need to use helium?

Helium is not compatible with our balloons; only air is. For easier and quicker inflation, we advise using a balloon pump, either manual or electric.

How long will it take to assemble the balloon arch?

If you use a balloon pump to inflate the balloons, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes to complete the garland. The balloons will be inflated for the majority of the time, and the remaining time will be spent adding them to the garland.

Can I make the balloon arch in advance?

Because we only use the best balloons, you have the luxury of putting together the garland a few days before the event. By doing this, a last-minute rush and unneeded stress on the day of the party are avoided. Storage of the balloon arch or the loose inflated balloons away from heat, sunlight, and areas with high humidity is recommended for the best results when preparing your balloon arch in advance. If at all possible, store the inflated balloons in a sealed bag to prevent them from oxidizing, losing their shine, or becoming cloudy.

Are your balloons biodegradable?

Our premium balloons are biodegradable, and made entirely of natural rubber latex, with no fillers or substitutes. When you are finished with your balloon garland, “pin and bin” them and dispose of them correctly to help keep our animals safe and our environment clean.

Whether you need a balloon arch for a wedding or a baby shower, our sophisticated balloon party kit will make the grandest impression.