How To Get Gold Tools In Animal Crossing? Updated Guide

Gold Tools In Animal Crossing

The tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switches are a crucial component of your experience. Since there are different quality levels for each of these tools, the better they are, the more durable they are. Despite how frustrating the game’s breakable tools can be, you can eventually make tools that are more durable: golden tools. How to get gold tools in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing’s Golden Tools can be obtained in several ways. In New Horizons, you must complete some challenging tasks in order to unlock recipes.

Although they are the best tools you can make, golden tools can still break. While the recipes for other crafting tools gradually become available, you must first fulfill a number of conditions in order to obtain the rewards for the DIY recipes for golden crafting tools. All the information you require about golden tools will be provided in this guide.

What Are Gold Tools In Animal Crossing?

The best tools in the game are called Golden Tools. Golden Tools are the most durable items available to craft and they look pretty, although they are not unbreakable.

Unfortunately, unlocking the DIY recipe for every Golden Tool takes a lot of work, but not having to harvest materials like iron nuggets and wood and craft a replacement makes them indispensable items in your inventory.

We are grateful to Kyugma on YouTube for doing the excellent work necessary to unlock Golden Tools in record-breaking time and sharing that knowledge long before the rest of us mere mortals were able to unlock even one Golden Tool.

Gold Tools In Animal Crossing

Where To Find Gold Nuggets?

Once you have the DIY recipe, you can create a Golden Tool by combining a non-golden version of the tool with a Golden Nugget.

When you whack rocks with a shovel, golden nuggets will occasionally appear. They’re much like iron nuggets, but much rarer. You’ll want to use the Rock ‘Trick’ to extract the maximum amount of material from every rock on your island and the islands you visit, and make sure to save the Gold Nuggets rather than selling them for Bells.

You’ll have amassed a collection of Golden Nuggets to use in crafting by the time you reach the point where you can unlock the DIY Golden Tool recipes.

Can Golden Tools Break?

It’s important to remember that Golden Tools can malfunction before you get too excited. Although they won’t be as easily broken as flimsy tools, some community members have claimed that the Tools can last up to 200 uses, so you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of each one.

How To Get Golden Tools In Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Every golden tool has a particular requirement, but watch out: These tasks won’t be finished in a hurry. Don’t expect to get them within your first week of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Even though we’ve researched these techniques using sources who have created these items, we haven’t been able to create every one of them in our games. As we establish the approaches for each of the items listed below, we’ll update the prerequisites.

  • Golden Axe: Break 100 axes, with Flimsy Axes being the simplest.
  • Golden Slingshot: 300 balloons should be shot down. Look for a gold-colored balloon in the sky after you reach this accomplishment. The DIY recipe will be inside if you shoot that down.
  • Golden Fishing Rod: Every fish in the Critterpedia should be caught. You can find here an exhaustive list of all 80 fish. It seems that no donations to the museum are necessary for this. The day after you catch your last fish, the recipe will arrive in the mail.
  • Golden Watering Can: achieve a 5-star town rating. After giving you this rating, Isabelle will give you the homemade recipe.
  • Golden Net: The requirement to find every bug was in every game before, though this is currently unconfirmed. Given the requirement for the Golden Fishing Rod, this seems very likely. Confirmation is what we’re working toward.
  • Golden Shovel: Not yet confirmed. This is said to require saving Gulliver on the sand 30 times, but we haven’t seen an official confirmation or video proof of this. On confirmation, we’re working.

You’ll be given the DIY recipe for the tool’s golden iteration after meeting all the requirements. To craft a golden tool, all you’ll need is the standard version of the tool you have the recipe card for and a Gold Nugget, which can randomly pop out when you’re hitting rocks like you would if you were farming Iron Nuggets.

Each of these recipe cards will require weeks or even months for the typical player to finish and receive. Gold Nuggets are uncommon even with the recipes, so bear that in mind. Finally, keep in mind that even perfect tools can malfunction. Golden tools are not invincible endgame objects, though reaching the point where you can craft them is a reward in and of itself.

Correction: The requirements for receiving golden tools were more clearly stated in an earlier draft of this guide than we are ultimately comfortable with keeping. The golden tool requirements, which we have confirmed, are stated in the guide with clarity. We’ve added details based on our best research for those we weren’t able to confirm. We are confirming everything and will keep this guide updated as we do.

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How To Get A Golden Axe?

Compared to the work involved in catching every fish or bug, getting the It’s not too difficult to play Golden Axe. To get the Golden Axe DIY recipe you have to break 100 axes. These can be Flimsy Axes, Stone Axes, or standard Axes, it doesn’t matter. You can craft a Golden Axe if you break 100 axes of any kind.

This implies that you can create a lot of Flimsy Axes, dig some holes next to a rock, and carelessly destroy them until you discover the DIY recipe for the Golden Axe. While watching your favorite show, you might entertain yourself with it even though it isn’t particularly enjoyable.

To make a Golden Axe, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 1x Gold Nugget
  • 1x Axe

How To Get A Golden Fishing Rod?

People who have played the series’ earlier games can probably guess what you have to do in order to obtain a Golden Fishing rod. To be able to craft a Golden Fishing rod you’ll have to catch every fish in the game, including rare fish like the Golden Trout and Stringfish, and fill every entry in the fishy part of your Critterpedia.

That’s 80 fish in total, and many of them are only available at certain times of the year. That means that unless you’re willing to time travel by playing with the clock on your Switch, you won’t have access to the Golden Fishing Rod for a while.

You’ll need the following supplies to make the Golden Fishing Rod:

  • 1x Gold Nugget
  • 1x Fishing rod

How To Get A Golden Watering Can?

In order to get a Golden Watering Can, you’ll need to achieve a perfect 5-star rating for your island.

To do so you’ll have to go to Resident Services and talk to Isabelle. She will give you advice on how to make your island better, but it entails removing weeds, adorning the island with flowers, undertaking projects, and creating a happy community in general. You’ll get the DIY recipe for the Golden Watering Can once you’ve earned the coveted 5-star perfect island rating.

the Golden Watering Can’s construction… oh, come on, you know by now what you’ll need…

  • 1x Gold Nugget
  • 1x Watering Can

How To Get A Golden Net?

To get the Golden Net you’ll have to catch every single bug in the game. That’s 80 creepy crawlies filling your Critterpedia, many of which are absent from the game for months of the year at a time.

This implies that you’ll have to wait until the bugs appear in addition to hunting and catching them. This means patience unless you want to fiddle with your Switch’s clock and time travel to find the bugs you need.

The DIY recipe for the Golden Net will be yours once you’ve discovered every bug in the game. The following common items are necessary to make the Golden net:

  • 1x Gold Nugget
  • 1x Net

How To Get A Golden Slingshot?

Getting the Golden Slingshot requires you to shoot down 300 balloons and complete the Achievement “It’s Raining Treasure” for Nook Miles. After shooting 300 the next one you see should be a ‘golden balloon’

The Golden Slingshot is perhaps the least desirable of the Golden Tools given that you only get one pellet with it (as opposed to three in earlier games).

You’ll need the following materials to make the Golden Slingshot:

  • 1x Gold Nugget
  • 1x Slingshot

The Bottom Line

Before you start Animal Crossing: New Horizons, read our guide. It will help you get the key points and plat better.