How Much is Pro Tools? Complete Guide 2023

Pro Tools

If you’re considering purchasing Pro Tools, you probably want to know how much is Pro tools and whether it’s the right choice for you. We will respond to the query today.

Depending on the software edition you choose, Pro Tools will cost you a certain amount. The three Pro Tools editions are Artist, Studio, and Flex. Pro Tools Artist can be purchased for $9.99 USD/month (or $99.00 USD/year), Pro Tools Studio for $39.99 USD/month (or $299.00 USD/year) and Pro Tools Flex for $99.00 (Or $999.00 USD per year) per month.

This guide will address all the key concerns that musicians have regarding the cost of Pro Tools and whether it is worth your money.

About Pro Tools

With the aid of the audio editing program Pro Tools, musicians, educators, students, and audio professionals can record and edit soundtracks to create songs.

Pro Tools

Managers can use the solution to record musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) performances, compose music using vocal sounds, track playlists automatically, and use nudge notes. On the platform, administrators can manipulate audio by trimming clips, reshaping sounds, and optimizing soundtracks. Operators can combine different takes of a recording and adjust the timing of the tracks to produce distinctive sounds. They can also match audio beats.

Teams can also save presets and instantly switch plugins thanks to Pro Tools.

How Much Does Pro Tools Cost?

Each edition of Pro Tools uses a subscription-based business model. The Pro Tools price varies according to the software edition you select. Pro Tools comes in three different editions: Artist, Studio, and Flex.

Pro Tools Artist can be purchased for $9.99 USD/month (or $99.00 USD/year), Pro Tools Studio for $39.99 USD/month (or $299.00 USD/year) and Pro Tools Flex for $99.00 USD/month (or $999.00 USD/year).

Avid also provides the option to subscribe to Pro Tools Studio for $31.99 USD/month when you commit for one year compared to a month-to-month plan.

How Much is Pro Tools With a Student Discount?

Pro Tools Studio and Pro Tools Flex’s annual subscription plans are significantly discounted for students.

Students and teachers who meet the requirements can save up to $700 USD a year with Avid’s student discount. For $99.00 USD or $299.00 USD, respectively, students who qualify may subscribe to Pro Tools Studio or Pro Tools Flex.

Does Pro Tools Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Pro Tools offers a free 30-day trial. It includes more than 110 plugins, 2GB of top-notch loops, and 1GB of cloud storage for collaboration.

Click here to access the Pro Tools free trial. You must register for an Avid account and log in.

Can You Still Buy Pro Tools Perpetual?

Previously, a Pro Tools license, also known as a “perpetual license,” could be purchased with a single payment. The Avid website no longer offers the opportunity to purchase a perpetual license.

However, a few independent merchants continue to offer perpetual licenses for outdated versions of Pro Tools. As part of Avid’s updated subscription structure, if you want to buy the most recent version of Pro Tools, you must choose between a number of monthly and yearly plans.

Is Pro Tools Worth the Money?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned expert, Avid’s Pro Tools is definitely worth the money. Pro Tools is the industry standard for professional music studios all over the world, but it also has incredible recording and editing features that the average musician can use. The software is accessible to musicians on a budget thanks to Avid’s subscription-based plans.

I strongly advise you to look into Pro Tools if you’re looking for a DAW that includes a cutting-edge toolkit for live audio recording, mixing, and mastering. Any idea can be transformed into a fully finished, mastered track using Pro Tools, a fantastic all-purpose DAW.

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Is Pro Tools a One Time Fee?

There are three plans, starting at $10 per month or $99 per year.

Can You Own Pro Tools Forever?

Perpetual license. User owns the license forever even if the Software Updates Plan is not renewed.

Is Ableton Better Than Pro Tools?

When comparing Ableton and Pro Tools, the latter’s strengths frequently outweigh the former’s shortcomings. Due in part to its potent, precise editing tools and quick, user-friendly recording and comping capabilities, Pro Tools continues to be the industry’s top DAW for engineers and mixers.

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