Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools? Things to Know

Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools

One of the biggest home improvement retail chains in the US is Home Depot. But does Home Depot sell Craftsman tools? Here is the answer!

Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools. That honor belongs to Lowe’s, who competes with Home Depot most aggressively and closely in the retail home improvement market. Instead of Craftsman, Home Depot offers its own brand Husky along with a number of other well-known brands.

What caused this to happen? To learn more about why Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools, continue reading!

Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools?

With close to 2,300 retail store locations and roughly half a million employees donning the signature orange aprons, Home Depot is not only a retail giant in the It is the biggest home improvement chain worldwide and is based in the U.S.

What Home Depot doesn’t sell should be considered more important than what they do sell given their ostensibly endless selection.

One of the most recognizable tool brand names, Craftsman, is conspicuously missing from the lengthy list of manufacturers sold at Home Depot.

Craftsman tools are not sold at Home Depot, not in its enormous retail locations, and not through its expanding online presence.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools?

Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools

Craftsman tools was a trademark registered by They were only offered for sale at Sears department stores starting in 1927 and continuing all the way up until 2017.

However, Stanley Black & Decker purchased the brand in 2017, and Sears continued to have the exclusive right to produce and market tools under the brand.

As a result, Home Depot has not intended to acquire the brand or proceed to form a partnership with Sears or Stanley Black & Decker to sell the tools on its shelves.

Where Are Craftsman Tools Sold?

Craftsman is one of the most recognizable brands in home improvement, and for decades, it was offered exclusively through another iconic name in the retail game, Sears.

In 2017, in desperate need of a cash infusion to keep its struggling operations afloat, Sears sold the Craftsman brand to Stanley Black & Decker for $900 million.

Both Sears and Stanley would have the exclusive right to manufacture, distribute, and sell Craftsman tools under the terms of their agreement.

Therefore, Craftsman tools are still available where they have always been sold: at Sears stores across the nation (though their numbers may be dwindling), as well as on the Sears website.

But on the Stanley side of things, Craftsman has become far more accessible and available across a growing number of retail platforms including:

  • Lowe’s
  • Ace Hardware
  • Amazon
  • Atwoods Ranch & Home
  • Blain’s Farm & Fleet
  • Napa Auto Parts

In particular, Stanley’s decision to distribute Craftsman through a significant home improvement retailer like Lowe’s—which is second only to Home Depot in terms of sales—increases brand exposure and places the product on more store shelves across the nation.

In fact, Craftsman has never been better positioned from a marketing perspective thanks to the nearly 2,000 Lowe’s locations alone, and it now finds itself on a huge stage in front of a national audience nearly a century after its original tools first hit the market.

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What Tool Brands Does Home Depot Sell?

 Home Depot

If Home Depot does not sell Craftsman tools, what brands do they sell? The available brands at Home Depot include:

  • Ryobi tools
  • Milwaukee tools
  • Bosch tools
  • DeWalt tools
  • Hilti tools
  • Makita tools
  • Rigid tools
  • Husky tools
  • Klein tools
  • Stanley tools
  • tools from Gear Wrench and others.

If Craftsman tools are out of stock and you’re unsure whether to buy any of the aforementioned brands from Home Depot, don’t worry.

All the brands sold by Home Depot have world-class reviews on their quality and performance. Unless you plan to use them for heavy-duty work, you shouldn’t worry about buying a specific brand.

Final Thoughts: Does Home Depot Sell Craftsman Tools

Home Depot is a leading home improvement retailer in the United States. However, the store does not sell any Craftsman tools. Home Depot does not have any dealings with Sears, and this is why the home improvement store does not sell any Craftsman tools.

But that mantle has been passed on to Lowe’s and its nearly 2,000 locations.

However, Home Depot, the biggest home improvement retailer in the world, has amassed a remarkable collection of international tool brands, including its own Husky line.

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Does Lowe’s Sell Crafts Man Tools?

Yes, Lowes carries craftsman-quality tools.

Is Craftsman Owned by Home Depot?

Originally a house brand established by Sears, the brand is now owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

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