Are Ryobi Tools Good? Honest Review 2022

Ryobi Tools

One of the top manufacturers of DIY construction projects is Ryobi.

Are Ryobi tools good? Yes, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers who concentrate on smaller projects should use Ryobi tools because they provide a wide range of goods at reasonable prices. Professional contractors looking for long-lasting equipment are not advised to use the tools. Others find their vivid color to be off-putting.

Discover more about Ryobi tools by continuing to read.

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Who Makes Ryobi Tools?

The automotive, electronic, and telecommunications industries all rely on the products made by the Japanese company Ryobi Limited. Owning Ryobi Tools is Techtronic Industries of Hong Kong, which is interesting because they also make Milwaukee and Craftsman tools.

The business was established in 1943 as Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. began making power tools in 1968. Five years later, the business adopted its present name.

All over the UK, a variety of different stores carry Ryobi tools. They can be purchased online and at Home Depot in the US and Canada. The tools are available only from Bunnings Warehouse in Australia and New Zealand.

Where To Buy Ryobi Tools?

If you’re considering purchasing Ryobi tools, make sure there is a Home Depot nearby because the brand is only available there. There are resellers on Amazon, but since they are not first-party sellers, your results may vary.

It’s always a good idea to order ahead because, in my experience, Home Depot stock can be difficult to find in-store close to new launches. The same is true if you’re looking for a specific tool; countless numbers of tools are sold every day, and items frequently move around. When I had small children with me, I never looked back on choosing curbside pickup.

Many people assume that because Ryobi is an exclusive brand of Home Depot, Ryobi is Home Depot’s own line of power tools. Actually, Home Depot only sells Ryobi there; Husky and HDX are its own brands.

Ryobi Tools

Why Buy A Ryobi Tool?

1. The Price Is Affordable

The reasonable prices of Ryobi tools are the primary motivator for why so many people first consider them. They frequently hold sales that enable customers to purchase tools for as much as 60% off the usual retail price, and the tools retail for less than those made by other power tool manufacturers.

You probably don’t want to spend too much money on a tool that you’ll only use occasionally (once or twice a year). A great choice for this is Ryobi. Additionally, there is a good quality-to-price ratio for the products.

For comparable products, other brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt cost 30–50% more than Ryobi.

2. The Tools Feature An Interchangeable Battery Design

Many Ryobi tools can use the same battery, so you won’t have to buy new batteries every time you buy a new tool, which is another reason Ryobi tools are worthwhile to buy. One battery can be used with all 225 of the 18V One+’s tools, for instance.

Additionally, since each battery can be charged using the same charger, you won’t need to purchase and store numerous different chargers.

You can save money, time, and storage space with this design. It’s also practical if you need to replace a battery in one of your tool’s batteries because it may have ripped. You can just take one off another tool rather than buy a new one.

3. They’re Lightweight

Ryobi tools are made of less expensive plastic, which may not be good for their durability but is good for the hobbyist or DIYer who isn’t used to handling heavy tools. Some higher-quality tools can be quite heavy, which can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for people who aren’t used to them.

4. Ryobi Offers Good Warranties

The following table outlines the warranties for different Ryobi tools:

Customers say Ryobi generally upholds their warranties. When purchasing a new tool, this may give customers peace of mind. You should be aware that some products, such as lawn equipment and auto accessories, do not come with warranties. Make sure the product has a warranty you’re happy with before you buy it.

5. There’s A Wide Range Of Products

There are many different tools from Ryobi to choose from. Whatever you require, Ryobi most likely has it.

In light of the fact that the majority of tools can use the same battery, this is incredibly convenient. Ryobi is a good option if you want a variety of tools from the same brand.

Pros Of Ryobi Tools

Let’s look at a summary of some of the Ryobi brand’s biggest advantages now that we’ve covered some of the main selling points of their products.

  • Tools made by Ryobi cost less than those made by rivals. Comparing Ryobi to other manufacturers of tools like Milwaukee and Dewalt, the price difference is enormous. In contrast to their rivals, they frequently have significant tool sales.
  • All One+ power tools’ batteries can be swapped out thanks to the One+ system. Every One+ product can be powered by the same 18-volt lithium-ion batteries, so you won’t need to purchase new batteries each time you purchase a new product.
  • The majority of the equipment is compact. A heavy tool can be very painful and uncomfortable if you are not used to using tools all day. You won’t have that issue since the majority of Ryobi tools are lightweight.
  • Ease of adjustment – To make the saw simple for you to use, search for adjustments that use innovative knob, lever, and angle/distance scale combinations.
  • The products come with solid warranties. A solid warranty can give you some peace of mind if you’re on the fence about buying.
  • Numerous products are available for selection. With more than 225 products, Ryobi is sure to have even the most specialized tools you might require.

Cons Of Ryobi Tools

The part you’ve been waiting for is now available: why the negative publicity when there are so many wonderful features?


You can tell the difference between a Ryobi tool and popular brands like DeWalt or Makita as soon as you pick one up. Comments such as, “It feels like a toy” are commonplace due to their lack of robustness.

These tools weren’t created for professional use; instead, they are intended for DIY enthusiasts and beginners. You will need to pay for a workhorse if you want one that will serve you well for the ensuing ten years.

Battery Complaints

You can find varying views on the caliber of their batteries by reading online forums. Most people complain that batteries fail within the first year. Due to the need to replace the battery so frequently, many people assert that Ryobi is a false economy.

Nevertheless, some claim that theirs is still operational after five years. The problem with reviews like these is that you simply can’t rely on people’s expectations of an entry-level tool like Ryobi. Has it reached the end of its useful life?

You should avoid their 1.5Ah battery because it is too small, but purchasing larger batteries can get pricey. We suggest the 4.0Ah battery because it offers excellent value on Amazon, especially when compared to the slightly larger 5.0Ah battery.

Lack Of Brushed Motor

Only 27 of Ryobi’s approximately 125 products use brushless motors. With the major players who provide contemporary brushless motors, you won’t observe this.

What Are Best Ryobi Tools?

Here are some of the best Ryobi tools that are available:

  • Contractor’s Kit for Ryobi P883. This is a wise choice if you want a variety of tools in one kit. It comes with batteries compatible with more than 50 Ryobi tools, a reciprocating saw, a power drill, and a circular saw. You will typically need these tools, and it is convenient to have them all in one kit.
  • Ryobi P340 Cordless Multi-Tool With accessories and attachments, this tool can be used for sanding, woodcutting, and as a crescent saw. Its cross-compatible design allows it to work with many other Ryobi tools. This tool is useful to have on hand because the base is compatible with attachments from other manufacturers, like Ridgid.
  • Ryobi One+ Brushless Two-Tool Set Both a drill and an impact driver are included in this kit. Both are suitable for overhead applications and tight spaces due to their lightweight design, which also makes them perfect for one-handed use.
  • Impact hammer from Ryobi Brushless One+. With three speeds reaching 2900 rpm, this wrench has a maximum torque of 400 nm. In order to accommodate various screwdriver bits, it also includes a hex adapter.
  • Angle grinder with brushless motor by Ryobi. With the help of the side handle, which can be attached to the angle grinder in three different ways, you can easily reach any angle while still using just one hand. Pushing a button is all that’s required to change the cuts’ depth or angle.
  • Ratchet screwdriver 18V One+ by Ryobi. This screwdriver’s rotating head makes it perfect for working on automobiles and in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Tyre-inflating Ryobi One+ power tool This is a practical tool to have so you can quickly and easily change the pressure in your tires. With this inflator, a compressor is not also required. This device delivers up to 150 PSI and has a digital pressure gauge.
  • Random Orbit Sander Ryobi 18V One+. Due to its 10,000 orbits per minute, this sander provides swirl-free sanding. Because of its superior dust collection and a high-capacity battery, you can use it for up to 40 minutes of nonstop sanding.
  • Three-gallon project vacuum from Ryobi One+. The three-gallon (11.35 liter) capacity of this vacuum is perfect for the majority of small tasks, and it is very portable because it is cordless. A blower can also be used with a vacuum. If you have messy kids (or you’re just messy yourself, no judgment here!) this vacuum is perfect for cleaning up car spills.)Having this tool is beneficial.
  • Brad Nailer Ryobi One+ AirStrike The compressor, hose, and gas cartridge are not required because of the technology in this nailer. Up to 1,700 nails can be driven with a single charge, and it can drive nails as short as 5/8 of an inch (1.58 cm) and as long as two inches (5.08 cm). This tool is appropriate for all trimming tasks.
  • Sliding compound miter saw by Ryobi. If you do have more challenging projects coming up, a stronger saw, like this miter saw with a 15 amp motor, might be what you need. Unlike a laser cutline, an LED cutline does not require adjustment.

These are the best tools Ryobi has to offer, though the other tools they sell are excellent as well. This list demonstrates the breadth and depth of the Ryobi product line.

Are Ryobi Tools Worth Buying?

If you’re looking for something portable, reasonably priced, and with a respectable warranty, Ryobi tools are a good choice. They make excellent personal tools for small-scale projects even though they might not be appropriate for professionals. The tools’ interchangeable batteries are also incredibly useful.

Ryobi Tools Alternatives

Ryobi Vs Craftsman

Mid-range tools are produced by Ryobi and Craftsman at comparable costs. While Craftsman provides excellent warranties on mechanic’s tools, hand tools, and other items, Ryobi offers better warranties on power tools. In terms of automotive tools, outdoor gear, and storage gear, Craftsman produces a more varied line of products, whereas Ryobi has a larger and more varied selection of tools across a number of different industries.

Ryobi Vs Dewalt

Overall, DeWalt provides better warranties than Ryobi in every area. Additionally, DeWalt produces a wider range of goods than Ryobi, such as clothing, hand tools, and work gear. When compared to DeWalt, Ryobi produces a lot more outdoor gear. DeWalt’s products typically have higher quality and higher prices to match.

I can understand why so many members of my family are devoted fans of DeWalt; they’re great company. With that said, I typically only upgrade to DeWalt when it’s a heavy-duty, essential tool, like a hammer drill. And even then, for extra power, I choose the corded model. If not, Ryobi will do just fine!

Ryobi Vs Kobalt

For their high-quality power tool products and outstanding warranties, Kobalt and Ryobi have solid reputations. The comparison really depends on your needs, but personally, I’ve had a lot more issues with Ryobi tools than I have with Kobalt tools. But you should still consider that to be just one person’s opinion.

Final Thoughts

Ryobi specializes in producing outdoor goods and power equipment at reasonable prices. Despite some of their products being available on Amazon, they produce over 225 different products that are only sold at The Home Depot.

By purchasing Ryobi, you also get access to the One+ System’s garden and car care tools as an added bonus. Lawnmowers, grass and hedge trimmers, tree saws, tire inflators, handheld vacuum cleaners, cordless buffers, and pressure washers are some of these.

If you’re still unsure, perhaps it will simply come down to boys acting like boys and purchasing a brand of tool that you can use in front of your neighbor without receiving jeers.

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