Are Hart Tools Any Good & Who Makes It? Complete Reviews

Hart Tools

Considering buying tools but wonder are Hart tools any good? The short answer is yes, in our experience, HART tools have been excellent. Depending on what you require from your tools, they may or may not be for you.

Late in 2019, Hart, a new tool brand, debuted in Wal-Mart outlets. Hart tools are more expensive than Wal-Mart’s Hyper Tough house brand but less expensive than the majority of major name brands.

Let’s move on and you will understand more about Hart tools.

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Overview of Hart Tools

Hart Tool Co. is an American power tool brand that has been in the business since 1983. It began in Los Angeles, California, and has been going strong for the past three decades.

Hart belongs to the company Techtronic Industries, Leading brands like Milwaukee Tools, Ryobi Tools, Hoover Vacuums, and Oreck are all produced by TTI. You can count on them to be completely professional because they’ve been in the industry for a while.

Hart Tool Co. initially produced framing hammers before growing into a significant company that creates tools based on user requirements. Hart today has an incredible product line, from hand tools to automotive. They have every tool that a woodworker or DIYer might require to finish their projects.

Hart has established a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of hardware tools thanks to its more than 25 types of outdoor power equipment tools, 45 types of core power tools, 200 types of hand tools, and almost 100 types of power tool accessories.

The Hart power tool product line also includes specialized tools like a blower, sander, and rotary tools. Hart will never let you down with so many options available and at such a reasonable price.、

Who Makes Hart Tools?

The Techtronic Industries (TTI) group includes HART Tools. Milwaukee Tool, Ryobi, AEG (Ridgid Power Tools), Hoover, and other brands are among those offered for public trading under the ticker symbol TTNDY.

Hart Tools

There is a lot of innovation and technology available internally that each branch of the group can benefit from, with a variety of brands ranging from DIY to premium professionals.

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Where Are Hart Tools Made?

Hart tools are not currently produced in the USA and most likely never will be. The larger TTI tool company, an international tool company with a wide range of brands under its belt, is the owner of Hart. Many of their products are made in China, where they own a sizable complex.

Hart is probably produced at this enormous complex in China, despite the fact that we don’t know the location with certainty. This is not the brand to choose if you’re looking for tools made in the USA.

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Hart Is Not A New Brand

When it comes to professional-grade hammers, Hart used to be a premium brand. It is a Wal-Mart house brand today. TTI, which also manufactures Ryobi and Milwaukee, makes both Hart hand tools and power tools.

Hart was established in 1983 and specialized in framing hammers. Its corporate tag line was “Nothing hits harder.” The old Hart hammers are highly regarded by experts. This history is why the stylized “H” in the A hammer and nail can be seen in the Hart logo.

In 2007, TTI bought Hart. Although they are still made abroad, Hart hand tools are still designed in the United States. Hart tools bear a “Born in the USA” sticker, but that’s not exactly the same as making them in the USA.

After 2019, a vintage Hart hammer will be superior to a Hart hammer purchased from Wal-Mart. The high quality Hart hand tools of the 1980s are no longer available. They’re better than the Hyper Tough tools next to them and aren’t significantly worse than the Stanley tools they replaced on the shelf, but they’re not particularly exceptional either.

Which Is the Best Hart Tool?

There is no denying that Hart creates incredibly robust and long-lasting hardware tools. With some amazing features and clever design, their entire product line is pretty amazing.

Let’s have a quick glance at some of their top power tools:

1. HART 20-Volt Cordless 5-Tool Combo Kit

For beginners who want to get started with something straightforward but useful, this 5-tool kit is ideal.

The combo kit includes a ½-inch drill that allows users to adjust the torque with variable position clutches. A 1/4″ impact driver that offers multiple speed trigger settings and the ability to fasten up to 1700 in/lbs of torque is the highlight of this combo kit.

You can also find a reciprocating saw with excellent control, a hand vacuum with strong suction, and an LED work light for maximum visibility. When necessary, there is a 1/4″ quick connect chuck that allows for quick changes.

In addition to the hand vacuum, you also get 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion batteries and a fast charger included with the combo kit. The 20-V batteries are excellent at providing maximum performance for an extended period of time.

Overall, this is a useful power tool kit to make daily tasks less difficult and more interesting.

2. HART 20-Volt Cordless 6 1/2-inch Circular Saw Kit

Among the best power tools available, the HART 20V 6 ½-inch Circular Saw Kit stands out. This tool is among the most practical power tools available, whether you’re a professional handyman or a DIY enthusiast. Actually, the majority of professional woodworkers have this tool in their toolbox.

You won’t be disappointed with this beast because it has a powerful 4700 RPM motor backing it up. This tool is fairly simple to use even with a powerful motor. A 24T thin kerf blade is available to guarantee intricate cuts with flawless edges. The cuts have a very smooth finish, and the ideal cut can be made in a short amount of time. It allows cuts up to 2-1/16” deep, which is pretty intriguing.

The effectiveness of this tool surpasses that of even the priciest saws. This tool will also take care of your needs if you want to investigate your options for angled cuts. The angle cutting option is covered by the 0-50-degree bevel.

This tool should be included in every DIYer’s power toolkit because it has so many remarkable features.

3. HART 20-Volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit

From the Hart 20V product line, the HART 20V Impact Driver Kit is a further well-liked tool. This tool can be a lifesaver, especially for DIYers and homeowners who struggle to complete fastening tasks quickly.

It is intended to deliver 1700 in/lbs of torque and provide strong performance. With the impact driver kit, you also receive a 20V battery and a fast charger.

You can feel more confident when fastening thanks to the integrated LED work light, which offers the highest level of clarity and distinctness. Additionally, it has a trigger with a variable speed that allows for precise control when driving the screws.

A ¼-inch metal chuck makes it simple and quick to drive several screws. With a chuck like this, you can save a lot of time.

Another notable feature of this kit is the onboard bit storage. This is a very practical method of bit access storage.

All of these characteristics make this power tool kit a dependable and practical tool to handle various fastening requirements.

If Hart Is Better than Black And Decker or Ryobi

TTI is a rival of Stanley Black and Decker and like its rival, The price points at which TTI places its products are varied. Black and Decker’s tools had been available at Wal-Mart for many years. TTI must use a different brand to sell at Wal-Mart because TTI has an exclusive contract with Home Depot to sell Ryobi tools in the United States.

With the exception of color and battery type, many of Hart’s power tools resemble Ryobi tools. Additionally, the costs are very comparable.

Additionally, TTI offers tools under the Milwaukee and Ridgid brand names. Ridgid’s are better than Ryobi’s, and Milwaukee’s are even better, but their prices are higher as a result.

Using different brand names for different grades of tools helps both companies preserve the reputation of their highest-margin tool lines. Because of this, there isn’t a label on the box that reads, “By the makers of Milwaukee tools. It will weaken Milwaukee’s reputation to combine the two brands. TTI doesn’t want customers purchasing Hart reciprocating saws believing that they are 90% as effective as Milwaukee Sawzalls at a 50% discount.

They want you to buy the Hart, consider it a knockoff, and, if you wear it out, switch it out for a real Sawzall. Because the Milwaukee drill and circular saw share the same battery system, they also hope that if you purchase a Sawzall and like it, you’ll also purchase a Milwaukee drill and saw.

Instead, Wal-Mart and TTI are aware that they will profit handsomely from selling you replacement batteries and other tools that utilize the same battery system if you purchase a Hart and find it to be adequate for your needs. Harts, however, is not the place to use Ryobi batteries. If you ever upgrade to Milwaukee, the Hart batteries won’t work with those either, so they don’t fit.

Advantages of Hart brand

Really, Hart tools’ only benefit is their accessibility. They are available at any Wal-Mart. If there isn’t a hardware store close by, you can purchase a workable tool at Wal-Mart that will be sufficient for your weekend project. Furthermore, the cost probably won’t be too high.

Hart isn’t really a new company because Ryobi is a huge influence on its power tool line, and TTI has been producing tools for decades. Hart tools will be similar to what you’re used to if you’ve always bought your tools at Wal-Mart. The power tools are comparable to the Black and Decker power tools they used to sell, while the hand tools are comparable to the Stanley tools Wal-Mart used to sell.

I would think about purchasing a tool with the Hart brand if it were on sale and I didn’t already own one. Particularly with regard to hand tools, as there are no batteries to worry about and no motors to degrade.

Disadvantages of Hart brand

That does not imply that Hart tools are faultless. They have enough drawbacks for me to decide against using my own money to purchase them. Although I have nothing against TTI, I believe that other TTI tools would be more effective.

Hart hand tools only have a three-year warranty.

Three years are included in the warranty, for instance. Even on hand tools. Even cheap Harbor Freight has a lifetime warranty on its hand tools. So, if there is a Harbor Freight store nearby and you need inexpensive hand tools, that is a better option. As far as consumer-grade tools go, Harbor Freight hand tools are excellent. They’re typically less expensive, and if one breaks, you can return them to the shop. Harbor Freight removes a package from the shelf, opens it, and hands you a brand-new one. Furthermore, they provide superior customer service to Wal-Mart. If you don’t have a Harbor Freight near you, Home Depot’s Husky and Lowe’s Kobalt house brands also offer a lifetime warranty on hand tools at a similar price point to Wal-Mart, as well as having superior customer service. So does Craftsman. You must retain your receipt and pay for both directions of shipping when using Hart.

Although it’s not a deal-breaker, the warranty is a drawback.

You can do better than the Hart battery system.

The battery system on Hart power tools is a drawback. You are limited to purchasing batteries from Wal-Mart because it is incompatible with anyone else’s. It’s better to stick with Ryobi or one of Harbor Freight’s brands if you’re going to be forced to buy all of your tools in one place. The price and selection are comparable, or better in the case of Ryobi, and The battery system used by Ryobi has been in place for a long time. Harbor Freight doesn’t have the same history with batteries, but its Bauer brand is on par with, if not better than, Hart, and the cost is typically lower. And if you want a better warranty, consider Ridgid.

Disadvantages to buying tools at Wal-Mart.

There is no such thing as a quick Wal-Mart run, which is the main reason I avoid purchasing tools there. I can enter and exit Home Depot in five minutes if I have the information I need and arrive at the appropriate time. At Wal-Mart, the line to check out will take you at least five minutes to complete. Naturally, it is somewhat irrelevant if I am already there.

Concerning Hart’s future is something else I worry about. What would happen to Hart in five years if Stanley Black and Decker struck a deal with Wal-Mart? For hand tools, that’s not a problem, but for power tools, it’s a big problem. It’s not very useful to have a power tool that requires batteries. In that situation, TTI would probably sell replacement batteries via Amazon, but you would have to wait for the batteries to arrive.

Should You Purchase Hart Tools?

The use of Hart tools may be suitable for your needs. They are made to be tools of a decently high standard for consumers. This is not really a criticism, either. Most people don’t require tools made for professionals.

I have many other tool options because I live in a large metro area with many options. If I wanted to, I could go straight there on foot. If I can walk to Home Depot, I see no reason to buy tools at Walmart.

Home Depot or Lowe’s aren’t necessarily nearby to every residence. Hart isn’t a bad option if Wal-Mart is your nearest tool retailer. You can do better, but you must decide if the inconvenience is worthwhile. Even worse things are possible.

Who Are Hart Power Tools For?

Hart power tools are designed to target a large audience, the majority of which comprise DIYers, homeowners, woodworkers, remodeling contractors, deck builders, professional handymen to even hobbyists.

With the aid of Hart power tools, woodworkers can create a wide range of captivating wood projects. Woodworkers can excel at shaping, polishing, sanding, and grinding with the aid of Hart power tools.

Using Hart power tools, DIYers can take control of their artistic endeavors. Hart power tools can assist in achieving smooth finishes in every project because DIY projects typically involve cutting, routing, and drilling.

Since Hart power tools are very compact and user-friendly, homeowners can use these tools to get a lot of odd jobs done at home.

Hart power tools can come in handy for homeowners when renovating their homes, fixing cracked floors and ceilings, changing up the outdoor area, installing shelves, and building decks.

Where Can I Find Hart Power Tools?

Hart Power tools can be purchased in good deals from Walmart, but there are interesting deals on Walmart has upped its game with quick deliveries and reduced prices, making it simple for customers to get their preferred tools quickly. Amazon has improved as well.

Another fantastic source for purchasing all of your power tools at a discount is Amazon. The best place to buy power tools is on Amazon, where you can get free domestic shipping and discounts on combo kits.

Warranty of Hart Tools

Standard warranties are provided for all of Hart Power Tools’ products. The majority of their product lines come with a 3-year warranty that covers the essentials, like manufacturing flaws that are not the buyer’s responsibility. They offer 5-year warranties on a few of their 40V batteries and outdoor power tools. All of their Hart hand tools are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

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Who Owns Hart Tools?

HART tools is part of the TTI group: Techtronic Industries.

Is Hart A Good Brand?

Hart actually produces superior hardware tools compared to the majority of competing brands. Hart tools can be used for a wide range of tasks, including cleaning, lawn and garden work, car maintenance, home renovation, and woodworking.

Does Ryobi Make Hart Tools?

Hart tools are not produced by Ryobi; instead, the parent company of Techtronic Industries Limited owns these brands. You would notice some striking characteristics if you compared Hart and Ryobi. However, each product line has a few odd characteristics.

Are Hart Tools Made In The USA?

The manufacture of Hart tools doesn’t happen here in the US. But in the US, these tools are widely distributed and heavily advertised. The parent company of this brand, Techtronic Industries Limited, is the owner of a sizable manufacturing complex in China where its production takes place.

As a result, this suggests that Hart tools are produced in China and sold all over the world. Hart hand tools are still available; they are made abroad despite being designed in the US.

Are Walmart Hart Tools Good To Use?

Tools from Walmart Hart are of excellent construction and are designed with the needs and comfort of customers in mind. Products from this line appear to be fairly effective, assisting professionals and DIY enthusiasts to repair a variety of things.

These tools’ manufacturer is well known for creating durable goods that would last for many years. As a result, you can be sure that the Hart tool lineups at Walmart won’t disintegrate any time soon.

What Brands Does TTI Make?

AEG, Milwaukee Tools, Hoover US, Vax, Ryobi, Dirt Devil, Empire, Oreck, Stiletto, Homelite, and Hart Tools are just a few of the many brand portfolios that make up TTI. Customers can purchase these brands’ products all over the world, and the company employs more than 48,000 people.

Roy Chi Ping Chung and Horst Julius Pudwill founded this business 36 years ago (in 1985), and it has since expanded to become one of the leading businesses in its sector. It has locations in Mexico, the US, Vietnam, Europe, and other continents.


Final Words on Hart Tools

So are Hart power tools good?

Of course, they are, what with their enduring nature, robust construction, practical layout, and reasonable cost. You will undoubtedly get a win-win deal if you choose Hart tools. No other brand can offer you such incredible hardware tools as Hart can in terms of features and design.

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