Are Craftsman Tools Good: Complete Reviews 2023

Craftsman Tools

We conduct a complete review to explore are Craftsman tools good for buying in this guide.

The numerous brand options and desire to find a dependable, high-quality item can make shopping for new tools a stressful experience. With a large selection of products, Craftsman tools are among the most well-liked brands.

You likely want to learn everything there is to know about this brand before you start investing money in tools, and that’s exactly what we’re here to do today.

Craftsman Tools Pros and Cons

Pro: Quality

It has already been said many times, but the excellent quality of Craftsman’s tools cannot be overstated.

Highest-quality components and cutting-edge technology are used to create these long-lasting tools. They are additionally made to be effective and simple to use.

When it comes to power tools, durability and longevity are two essential characteristics, and Craftsman tools are frequently held in high regard. A power tool should, after all, last a long time if you have to pay a high price for it.

Pro: Selection

Another aspect that makes Craftsman a desirable brand is its extensive line of tools.

They produce tools for tradespeople in a variety of industries, and their tools are highly regarded in each one. In other words, no matter what kind of tool it is, if it bears the Craftsman label, there’s a very good chance it’s a dependable one.

Moreover, since they have such a wide selection, you can adopt a “Craftsman only” policy and never find yourself in a situation where you’re without a necessary tool.

Adopting this policy has the advantage of making battery replacement simple because compatibility problems won’t arise. You’ll also learn all there is to know about Craftsman warranties.

Con: Price

Craftsman tools aren’t the most expensive ones on the market, but they’re also not the least expensive either.

Having said that, it makes sense that they have a higher price tag when you take into account their quality. In light of this, think about choosing a less expensive brand if you won’t be using your tools frequently.


You might not be aware that Craftsman makes almost all of its products in China. This is because Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, and SB&D does produce the vast majority of its goods in China.

This explains why the majority of the goods are inexpensive. Surprisingly, the majority of people concur that even though Craftsman tools are not the best given that they are produced in Chinese factories, they are still quite impressive.

Nonetheless, only a small number of products are made in the USA, especially when it comes to lawn and garden equipment. Additionally, Craftsman appears to be gradually shifting some of its production back to the USA, which is more good news.

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Types of Products Craftsman Makes

Craftsman initially specialized in making hand tools. But today, in addition to producing top-notch hand tools, they are also a market leader in the production of power tools. Additionally, they produce storage solutions, storage tools, automotive tools, pneumatic tools, and a variety of accessories that increase the efficiency of their tools.

Craftsman Tools

Hand Tools

Craftsman hand tools are regarded as having excellent quality and being reasonably priced. Hammers, knives, measuring implements, screwdrivers, handsaws, and wrenches are some of Craftsman’s products.

Power Tools

They have an impressive selection of power tools that would make great tool gifts for any handyman dad. These hand power tools are also well-liked for their dependability and superiority.

Product categories for Craftsman power tools include those for woodworking instruments and saws, such as reciprocating and circular saws. The majority of Craftsman power tools, like a cordless drill, are cordless.

Air Tools

Additionally, their production line includes a number of air tools. These consist of air tool accessories as well as pneumatic tools like impact wrenches, air grinders, staplers, air hoses, and air compressors.

Automotive Tools

Indeed, Craftsman makes a wide variety of automotive tools because it is the official tool brand of NASCAR. This company not only produces a wide variety of automotive tools, but they are also thought to be of fairly high quality.

Inflators, lift equipment, jacks, mechanic tool sets, oil filter tools, ratchets and sockets, rivets and riveters, wheel chocks, wrenches and wrench sets, and other items are just a few of the most important subcategories found under the heading “Automotive Tools.” If you work on your own car or are a mechanic, this is a good brand to think about.

Outdoor Equipment

We’re still moving, yes! Craftsman offers a wide range of products, and outdoor equipment is one more area where they make a significant number of products. On the Craftsman website, you can find a huge selection of chainsaws, chippers, shredders, generators, heating options, hedge trimmers, lawn edgers, lawnmowers, hoses, different handheld gardening tools, leaf blowers and vacuums, outdoor lighting, log splitters, pressure washers, snowblowers, tillers, augurs, cultivators, and string trimmers.

Storage Solutions

Craftsman manufactures more than just high-quality tools; they also produce storage options for them. In particular, Craftsman sells workbenches, tool boxes, tool chests, shelving, storage bins, and sheds.

They also produce fans, garage door openers, and garage flooring in addition to other garage-related products. In summary, Craftsman probably has something that can safely and conveniently hold your tools and other important belongings, whether you prefer stackable storage solutions or those that are portable.


Like any other brand, the tools sold under this one vary according to the components and intended use. Items for professional use tend to cost more than other tools. According to numerous customer reviews, all products are worthwhile investments that last for a long time with the right handling and use.


For its products, Craftsman brand offers respectable warranties. They provide a lifetime warranty for hand tools, including knives, multi-tools, hammers, demolition tools, finishing tools, and hex keys, to name a few.

Additionally, full lifetime warranties are provided for non-electric automotive tools purchased, such as an oil filter wrench, 32-blade feeler gauge, battery terminal brush, and gasket scraper, to name a few.

Other items, such as lasers, laser measuring devices, and stud finders, come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Is Craftsman a Good Brand?

Overall, we would say that Craftsman is a respectable brand of tools and that it has a wide range of tools available in numerous categories. Many people adore Craftsman for its adaptability.

Craftsman tools typically aren’t very durable or long lasting, which is why they aren’t the best choice for heavy duty and continuous use over a long period of time.

People adore Craftsman because of the affordable prices that all of their products are offered at. It’s a great brand to take into consideration if you’re on a tight budget but still require quality tools. On top of that, Craftsman also manufactures hand tools, automotive tools, corded and cordless power tools, storage solutions, tools, equipment, and accessories for the outdoors. Simply put, it’s a convenient brand because you can get everything you need in one location.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the most trustworthy source for information about the effectiveness and caliber of a business. Take note of what customers have to say about a product or company when conducting research on it.

Our Craftsman Tools review has created a condensed version of the thousands of customer reviews that our team has read because we know that this is a time-consuming task and we don’t want you to waste your time doing the same.

  • Price – Craftsman Tools are sold at various prices. The equipment they use professionally is quite expensive. However, the majority of customer reviews indicate that they are worth the cost and have a long lifespan.
  • Warranty – Craftsman Tools’ warranty is one of its main selling points. All Craftsman tools are covered by a safe warranty, regardless of whether you purchase from their high-end or affordable range. Even after using one of their tools for more than ten years, you can still leave their store with a free replacement if it breaks.
  • User-friendly – Craftsman Tools have gained popularity among DIYers and hobbyists for a reason. They are simple to put together, and the majority of their products are ready to use. Many of their tools are designed ergonomically for user-friendliness.
  • Quality – A well-known brand like this one is known for having a long shelf life. It is solid, dependable, and long-lasting, and many customers are pleased with their free replacement if it does not.

What Tool Brand Do Many People Now Prefer Than Craftsman?

Nowadays, many people favor DeWalt tools over Craftsman tools as a second brand of tools. Better materials are used by Dewalt to create better tools, which is a brand. They also manufacture their goods in the United States.

Some users also prefer Husky over Craftsman when it comes to hand tools or mechanic’s tools.

Porter Cable is another brand that customers favor. Their goods are a little above average, functional, and light.

Customers must retain the receipt in order to take advantage of the lifetime or limited warranty. To find out more about their product warranties, visit their website.



Are Craftsman Tools Made in the USA?

There are still a lot of tools made for this brand in China, despite the Craftsman brand currently opening more manufacturing facilities in the US to create more jobs in the country.

Even though they are moving in the right direction to return the Craftsman brand to its American roots, it might not be enough to win back former customers.

Is Craftsman the Same as DeWalt?

Craftsman and DeWalt are not the same thing, no. They are two of the well-known manufacturers of power tools.

Does Lowe’s Make a Craftsman?

No, Lowe’s does not manufacture Craftsman. Stanley Black & Decker currently owns and produces craftsman chainsaws and tools.

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Is Craftsman a Good Lawn Mower Brand?

Yes, Craftsman is regarded as a reliable brand of lawnmowers. They are renowned for producing dependable mowers with improved cutting efficiency and versatility.

What Craftsman Products Do People Like the Most?

The most popular Craftsman goods among consumers include hand tools, work clothes, and outdoor tools for the garden and lawn.

Final Thoughts on is Craftsman a Good Brand

Consider Craftsman tools if you’re looking to purchase new equipment for do-it-yourself projects. For various woodworking tasks and projects, they have a variety of tools.

Wondering “is A reliable brand is Craftsman?” .The answer is a pretty simple “yes”.

Although Craftsman doesn’t make top of the line products, they are still above average in terms of quality, and the prices are great too, not to mention that their selection is absolutely massive!

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